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Qin Zeyu yelled three times in a row, as if he was deliberately trying to piss her off, he was arrogant, with a “what can you do about me then” look plastered on his face.

Qin Jiu smiled, she wasnt angry, and a pair of shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks.

She casually took over Qin Zenings sword that was placed on his waist.

Qin Zening: “”

Qin Zening: “Sister, easy! Be careful, you might hurt yourself.”

As he spoke, Qin Zening saw his gentle, cute and obedient sister moving diligently with the  sword in her hands.

Qin Zeyu pursed his lips mockingly, “Yes, Qin Jiu, dont chop off your fingers and put the blame on me!” A girl using a sword, shes thinking too highly of herself!

Qin Jiu placed the hilt of the sword back into Qin Zenings hand, then held up the ebony sheath and weighted it herself, she smiled satisfactorily.

Well, its just the right size.

She grabbed one end of the sheath and swung it heavily towards Qin Zeyus body.


The sheath hit his thigh mercilessly.

Qin Zeyu was in so much pain that he jumped up from the chair, all he could feel was the burn and pain coming from his right thigh.

Qin Zenings eyes widened as he blinked slowly.

His thoughts were jumbled, and only one thought kept resurfacing in his mind: Where did his gentle, cute and obedient sister go

“Qin Jiu, how dare you hit me!” Qin Zeyus eyes were widened as he yelled at Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu didnt care about what he said, and drew her sheath again.

Qin Jiu smiled weakly.

“How dare you get drunk at such a young age, you deserve to be punished!”

“How dare you run away and stay out all night, you deserve to be punished!”

“How dare you learn from the others and look for the ladies, you totally deserve to be beaten!”

The sheath swung towards Qin Zeyu repeatedly, each fling harder than the last.

Qin Zeyu had learned how to ride and shoot.

If he was in his usual condition, he wouldnt get beaten up like this, but he was hungover, and his mind was still blurry, hence, his reactions were much slower.

Qin Jiu didnt show any mercy when she punished him, so she beated Qin Zeyu until he frantically tried to escape.

“Big brother! Do something about Qin Jiu!”

Qin Zeyu, who was drenched in water, looked even more miserable, a few strands of his wet hair fell over his cheeks.

He was the youngest son of the first wife, his parents died young.

Lady Qin and Qin Zening were both much more soft-hearted towards him.

No one has ever punished him all this while.

Qin Zeyu ran towards Qin Zening and tried to hide behind him, only to see his big brother silently move aside.

In the next instant, the ebony sheath that had a few sapphires and four sacred beast patterns embedded on its copper body, was flung towards him again, and this time, it hit his back.

The sapphires on the sheath hit on his flesh painfully like sharp nails.

Even his big brother wasnt willing to help him! Qin Zeyu glanced at Qin Zening sadly.

He covered his face and was about to run outside.

However, his dear big brother not only refused to help him but he also stopped him in his way, and his arms were hit a few more times.

“Fifth master!”

At this very moment, someone knocked on the door loudly, and a maids voice sounded: “Whats the matter, fifth master!”

Qin Zening frowned and scolded impatiently: “Go away!”

The two maids outside the door looked at each other, and one of the maids with a heart-shaped face said, “Qiao Er, do we need to report to the Lady”

“You go ahead.” Qiao Er said, “Ill wait here.”

The maid with a heart-shaped face glanced at the closed door hesitantly, and then ran along hastily.



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