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“I beated you because I’m your sister, but I was beaten just because I wasn’t the Li family’s biological daughter.”

“I hit you today.

Not only will I beat you today, if you ever dare to not come home for the night or do any bad things at such a young age, I will beat you just like today!”

Qin Jiu looked directly at Qin Zeyu, her apricot colored eyes were bright and clear, they resembled a clear fountain, and also the stars that shimmered brightly in the dark night sky.

Her eyes were beautiful, clear and pure, they gave off a bright radiant just like the sun.

At this moment, Qin Zeyu didn’t dare to look directly into her eyes for some reason.

His whole body hurt everywhere, but Qin Zeyu no longer shouted “pain” at this moment.

After all the beating and scolding, Qin Jiu went back.

If Qin Zeyu misbehaved again, she would beat him again.

Spoiled “bear” brats, if they don’t behave after one punishment, just punish them again.

When Qin Jiu went out, Lady Su had already left, and the two maids, Qiao Er and Ling Er, were also taken along.

It seemed that they were really afraid that Qin Zening would really throw the maids to her sons.

Qin Zening instructed his servant to bring the medicated oil and apply it on Qin Zeyu.

The oil was applied on his bruises, Qin Zeyu clenched his teeth and yelled, “Big brother, be more gentle!”

Qin Zening slapped him on the back, and said, “How dare you scream for pain.

Your sister had gone easy on you.

She didn’t hurt your muscles or bones.

A man like you yelling in pain! What a shame!”

“It’s painful!” Qin Zeyu’s face was all wrinkled together.

Qin Zening suddenly understood how Qin Jiu had felt.

His younger brother deserved it.

Qin Zening raised an eyebrow along with his right hand, “Do you want to get beaten again”

Qin Zeyu was startled, and subconsciously covered his head and hid away.

Qin Zening hit him on the shoulder with a strong and affectionate slap, and then seated him on the chair.

He poured the medicine ointment on his body swiftly, and nagged: “Your sister lived her life like this ever since she was a child.

You have the time to sympathize with Qin Xin, why can’t you do the same for your sister!”

“If our parents saw you acting this way, they would for sure slap you to death!”

“You’re even bawling like a baby, do you think you’re still a three year old”

In the meantime, Qin Zening vigorously helped Qin Zeyu to rub the medicinal oil in evenly.

Qin Jiu is a girl.

Although she had been doing rough work since she was a child and was slightly stronger compared to other average girls, her strength was still limited, and she did go easy on him.

Qin Zeyu only had a few bruises on his body.

“……” Qin Zeyu didn’t speak anymore, and also stopped screaming in pain, he fell silent with his lips pressed tight.

Before this, he had also heard from his elder brother that Qin Jiu had been abused and beaten by the Li family for many years.

At that time, he didn’t feel anything about this at all, as if he was listening to a story and the person in the story had nothing to do with him.

But just now, when he saw the shocking scars on Qin Jiu’s arms, he suddenly understood.

He was only beaten by Qin Jiu with a sheath, and he was almost about to burst into tears.

What about Qin Jiu, how did she survive those years

“Even so……” Qin Zeyu still wasn’t satisfied, he braced himself and said, “Second sister didn’t do anything wrong, it’s those wicked slaves that are in wrong! Her past doesn’t matter, what does those wicked slaves have to do with the second sister Big brother, you’re venting your anger on her!”

He didn’t get to finish and he was slapped again on the back.

This time, his face looked slightly distorted from the huge force.


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