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Qin Zigou could only stroke his nose and stop asking so that Shi Xiaoya could rest.

In the afternoon, Guo Yujie woke Shi Xiaoya up from bed and prepared to set off for the airport to return to the city.

Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoya were going back together.

The second episode would be filmed only after a few days.

However, Qin Zigou need not participate in the second episode.

Only Shi Xiaoya, who was the makeup artist for the show, needed to go, but the filming location was no longer at Nanhai City.

The exact location was awaiting confirmation from the production team.

After checking out of their room, Guo Yujie first went to book a car to the airport.

Everyone went to the entrance of the hotel to take their car and happened to see Yuan Yina.

Shi Xiaoya saw Yuan Yina blocking and standing by Han Zhuolings car, begging for mercy.

“Young Master Ling, I was at fault for what happened previously.

I know I was wrong.

Please forgive me this once.

I wont dare to do anything again.”

Han Zhuoling only wanted to wait for Shi Xiaoya.

He did not expect to be pestered by Yuan Yina.

He coldly said one word: “Leave.”

The driver hurriedly started the car and shook off Yuan Yina just like that.

“Stop,” Han Zhuoling continued.

The car stopped once again in front of Shi Xiaoya.

Yuan Yina turned and looked over.

Han Zhuoling lowered the car window and looked at Shi Xiaoya.

“Are you going to the airport”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him and also noticed Yuan Yina, who had just been dumped by Han Zhuoling, from her peripheral vision.

She said in a distant tone, “No need.

We already booked a car to go to the airport.”

“Its not here yet, right” Han Zhuoling said.

He turned to glance at Qin Zigou, who was beside Shi Xiaoya, and thought to himself that Qin Zigou could take that car alone.

Qin Zigou: “…”

Although Han Zhuoling did not say it, Qin Zigou still felt as if he knew what Han Zhuoling was thinking.


Thats your wishful thinking!

“Aiyo! The car is here!” As if right after Han Zhuoling had said that, a car drove up behind them.

Qin Zigou looked at the car plate number.

Whoa, it just so happened to be the car they booked.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

That slap in the face came too quick.

He could not guard against it in time.

Qin Zigou still did not know what Shi Xiaoya suffered in the morning, but it was clear from Shi Xiaoyas attitude towards Han Zhuoling.

It definitely had something to do with him.

Qin Zigou laughed dryly.

No matter whether Shi Xiaoya would forgive Han Zhuoling afterward or not, right now, he was sure that Shi Xiaoya definitely did not want to be alone with Han Zhuoling.

He, Qin Zigou, would not forcefully push Shi Xiaoya out there, then.

He should stand with Shi Xiaoya in times like these.

Hence, Qin Zigou scrambled to hand Shi Xiaoyas luggage over to his assistant, Liu Ming.

“Put the luggage in the car first.”

Liu Ming and Guo Yujie both went to carry the luggage.

Shi Xiaoya then said to Han Zhuoling, “Thank you, Young Master Ling, but our car is already here.

Well make a move first, then.

Have a safe journey back.”

After saying that, Shi Xiaoya followed Qin Zigou to the car behind.

Han Zhuoling almost laughed in anger.

She even greeted him with the polite form of “you”1.

She made him sound 10 years older for no reason.

Han Zhuoling did not let the driver drive off immediately.

It was only after Shi Xiaoya had left that Han Zhuoling asked the driver to start the car.

Yuan Yina also seized the chance to come over.

“Young Master Ling, I just want to talk to you.

I will take only two minutes of your time. You1—”

Yuan Yina was speaking while trying to open the car door.

Han Zhuoling just rolled up the car windows and said to the driver, “Start the car.”

“Yes,” the driver answered and simply started the car, shaking off Yuan Yina ruthlessly.

Han Zhuoling did not care what would happen to Yuan Yina.

In the car, Han Zhuolings assistant, Tong Chunian, said, “Young Master Ling, your air ticket has already been changed.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and closed his eyes, pretending to sleep.

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