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Chapter 1547: That Sound Seemed to Have Rolled Over His Throat

“Or else if she saw shes to be seated right next to you, Big Brother, I think Xiaoya might just feel too scared to sit down,” Lu Man explained.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He quietly shifted to leave the seat between him and Lu Man empty.

People who did not know the truth would even think there was some unhappiness between Han Zhuoling and Lu Man.

Could it be that this First Young Master from the Han Family was displeased with Lu Man

It seemed like Lu Mans journey to becoming a rich mans wife did not look as smooth as it appeared to be.

Thinking of it made sense as well.

She was not exactly very outstanding and did not have a very glamorous background, so she was as good as being all alone when she married into the Han Family.

How could it be possible that no one in the Han Family was disdainful of her

It would probably be difficult for her to establish herself in the Han Family.

She appeared to be leading a good life with Han Zhuoli on the outside, but who would know of the tears she had shed secretly

Lu Man did not even think that one act of hers to simply prevent any awkwardness between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya would actually be interpreted as such baseless nonsense.

The venue had a long table setting, so one needed to walk past every seat starting from the outermost seat.

The people sitting on the outer seats would have to stand up and make way.

Lu Man was all smiles as she said, “You can put your flowers here first, or else it wouldnt be convenient if you walk in while holding it.”

Shi Xiaoya turned to Guo Yujie and said, “Theres no more work after this.

If you dont want to watch this, you can get off work earlier.

If you want to watch, you can go find a seat.”

Although Guo Yujie really wanted to stay and watch the follow-up developments between Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling, she also felt that she needed to leave a chance for Han Zhuoling!

She could not possibly keep following Shi Xiaoya and being a third wheel.

After weighing things for a while, Guo Yujie decided it was better if she left first.

“Then I wont stay here any longer.

Since I have time today, Ill go back home to take a look,” Guo Yujie said.


Take care on the way back.” Shi Xiaoya did not make her stay.

Guo Yujie quickly left.

Shi Xiaoya then put the flowers on the chair.

She walked to the end of the long table and walked sideways inwards.

Zhang Shuidong and Shao Yuqi both stood up to make way for her.

Shi Xiaoya felt especially embarrassed as she greeted, “Teacher Zhang, Sister Yuqi.”

Shao Yuqi did not engage Shi Xiaoya to do her makeup this time.

She did not look for a specific makeup artist.

She felt that this was not some big occasion, so she just did her own makeup and came over.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya looked quite embarrassed, Shao Yuqi gave her a kind smile.

Although it was not good for her to say much, at least she could make Shi Xiaoya feel less uncomfortable.

Aside from having a good personality, Shao Yuqi was a smart person to begin with.

Seeing Lu Mans attitude towards Shi Xiaoya, it did not seem to her like they were just friends.

Shao Yuqi glanced at them from afar and had a nagging feeling that it was somehow related to Han Zhuoling.

Although she thought that this thought was quite ridiculous, she could not help but think that way.

In front of Shi Xiaoya, she was naturally polite.

Shi Xiaoya apologized to them as she walked in.

Compared to these few people, she was really a nobody, yet she was to sit in a more central position than they did.

It made her feel indescribable guilt.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang did not care about this at all.

Both of the old artistes were all smiles and felt that the young people were quite interesting.

And then Shi Xiaoya reached Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuoling stood up as well.

A tall, big man like him suddenly stood up and instantly cast a shadow above her head.

Shi Xiaoya was instantly stuck.

Her throat seemed to be in a deadlock; she wanted to say something but no sound came out.

She shifted towards the table uncomfortably.

Han Zhuoling leaned backward to give her space, but the space available was only so little.

It was no use no matter how much he avoided her.

There was no significant change to the amount of space.

Shi Xiaoya braced herself and greeted, “Young Master Ling.”

“Hm.” Han Zhuoling gave a plain reply.

That sound seemed to have rolled over his throat.

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