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Chapter 1603: Its Actually the Same Type as Hers

Right after saying that, she quickly went into her room and changed her clothes in a few quick minutes.

When she came out again, Han Zhuoling saw that Shi Xiaoya had already changed into loose and comfortable home clothes.

It was furry and looked extremely soft.

Han Zhuoling recalled what she wore during their video call last night.

Tonights outfit color was a little different.

“Its the same style as the one last night” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya nodded shyly.

“The design is different as well, but I quite like them, so I bought the full set of available colors.”

Han Zhuoling sized up Shi Xiaoya from top to toe, landing his gaze on her feet.

Shi Xiaoya thought it was strange and looked down as well.

She then realized that he bought the same type as hers.

It was light grey slippers, just like… just like couple slippers.

Shi Xiaoya was stunned and could not speak a word.

Han Zhuoling curved his lips a little and said, “What a coincidence.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Was it quite a coincidence…

Why did she not notice before that the slippers Han Zhuoling bought were the same as hers

Her mind really went blank whenever she was by Han Zhuolings side.

Shi Xiaoyas face reddened, and she rushed to take the apron and put it on.

Although she seldom had the chance to cook, she had quite a comprehensive number of things prepared in her house.

“Young Master Ling, you can go and wait first.

Feel free to do what you want.

Theres no place that you cant really go to here at my place.” Anyway, her house was only so big; there was actually not much to see either.

As she said that, Shi Xiaoya put on rubber gloves and prepared to wash the crayfish.

She knew that the supermarket had already rinsed them once.

However, that was just a rough rinse, so Shi Xiaoya felt that she should still clean them once more herself to be safe.

Han Zhuoling understood her intentions and stopped her, saying, “Leave these things to me, you can prepare the rest.

“If theres anything else you need washed, leave them all to me,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You are a makeup artist, your hands are very important.

You cant get them injured.”

Shi Xiaoya felt that his hands that needed to hold pens and sign documents were equally important as well.

The deals he signed were all projects worth billions of dollars, which was really expensive.

“Its not too convenient for you if you wear this.

It wont be good if it spills onto you.” Han Zhuoling took off his coat and his tie.

He was only wearing a shirt now and had unbuttoned three of his top buttons, so he did not look as neat and proper as he did previously.

These had clearly been done when Shi Xiaoya went to change out of her clothes.

Even so, this was not a suitable outfit for preparing meals.

“No worries,” Han Zhuoling said before he suddenly narrowed his eyes and continued, “Or do you even have male home clothes at your place”

“Of course I dont.

Even if you want to wear them, I cant possibly conjure one for you,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“So you should just go and sit down first.”

“No need, Ill make do with this,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ill help you as well, or else I wont know when we can get to eat this meal.”

Shi Xiaoya was mumbling in her heart, they came back quite early.

It was only 4:30 pm now.

If they calculated the maximum time they needed, the latest they could eat was by 6:30 pm, which was a very normal timing.

But Han Zhuoling insisted, so Shi Xiaoya could only take off the rubber gloves obediently and pass it to him.

When she saw him put on the gloves, she only then realized that his hands were especially good-looking.

People who were good-looking actually always stood at an advantage.

A persons first impression was very important.

Shi Xiaoya was a true blue “looks club” fan, or else she would not have been led by the nose so easily by Han Zhuoling.

Wasnt it just because he was handsome

For Shi Xiaoya, looks came first, and nice hands came second.

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