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Chapter 1691: Third Place

“You lost the competition this time.

This is a severely huge lesson for you all.

If you can have the right mindset, this lesson will benefit you in many ways,” Luzern said.

“Remember, dont underestimate anyone next time.

You must always showcase your best condition and try your hardest to perform well.”

“This time, even without the NFAs outstanding performance, given your mentality and how you didnt give your all in your performance, that in itself is a show of disrespect to the performance, to the audience, and to the judges.

How much effort you put in to the performance, how your performance turned out, everyone can tell.

Even if you guys won, with this kind of laidback attitude, you wont have put up a very good performance either.

You would have won because the other party was weak, but you wont have won handsomely.”

“And this time, you guys lost disgracefully,” Luzern said in a somber voice.

“The result cannot be changed, so be graceful about it.

Dont wait until the end only to leave in dejection and despondence on top of losing!”

The team members finally stopped blaming and accusing each other.

At this moment, a volunteer student came over to remind them that the results were about to be announced.

Hence, the team members hurriedly returned to the participants seating area to wait for the results.

Not long after they sat down, the emcee went up on stage and said, “Next, well invite the four judges up on stage to reveal the results of the competition tonight.”

The competition this time was not ranked based on a point system but on a consensus reached from the four judges discussions.

“First, let us welcome Teacher Tan Xiaoyun up on stage to announce the team in the third place,” the emcee said.

Tan Xiaoyun went up on stage and said, “Let me first speak about how we decided on the rankings, so that everyone can be at ease.”

“To ensure the fairness of the judging this time around, wed especially invited two renowned actors from Broadway, precisely to prevent bias from either side.

The four of us this time wrote our own rankings down on a piece of paper, without indicating our names, before opening them up in front of each other to have a look.” Tan Xiaoyun directly revealed the judgment process, lest there were people who doubted it.

Tan Xiaoyun smiled and said, “And we did not expect that we were surprisingly unanimous in our thoughts.

I wont say that I have been a judge often, since I have only been a judge a few times, but this kind of situation is really quite rare.

The rankings which the four of us came up with were all the same.

As such, none of us had any disagreements in the judging process before we decided on the rankings.”

Quite a lot of people saw Robert, Hayer, and Xu Jiashan all nodding in unison, so they could tell that it was the truth.

“So, I wont say too much about it any longer,” Tan Xiaoyun said.

“Now, I will announce the team that received third place in this friendly competition.

It is the exchange team from New York University.”

The emcee immediately said, “Let us welcome New York Universitys exchange team up on stage to receive the award.”

Howard and the others went up on stage with a black face.

They did not care for this third place at all.

They actually only got third place.

Looks like they were only slightly better than DAD and DFA.

But those two schools in their opinion were obviously too weak to behold.

They had zero recognition internationally.

Winning against these two unknown schools was nothing to be happy about.

They did not know that this was actually the judges giving them face, especially Xu Jiashan and Tan Xiaoyun, who felt that no matter what, the exchange team students were still guests from a faraway land.

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