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Chapter 1707: Not Quite Competitive Enough

Saying things like not wanting others to deny your abilities because of your background was just childish.

But Shi Xiaoya was not like that.

She openly acknowledged the help her family gave her, and she was very thankful for her familys kind intentions.

Not once did she try to separate herself from her family.

Just based on this alone, Old Mrs.

Han already felt a lot of admiration for Shi Xiaoya.

“Then when did you start being a makeup artist for other people officially” Old Mrs.

Han asked out of curiosity.

“Like… erm… doing makeup for celebrities Basically, the starting point of your career.

When did it start”

“Its when I was 22.

I was in my fourth year of university and could do internships outside.

There happened to be an opportunity to compete for a spot in a production crew for a drama, so I won the competition and joined the production crew,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Wow, youre only 24 years old now.

So from the time you officially started until now, its only been two years, right” Old Mrs.

Han remarked.

“Its because of the help I received from family and friends.

Ive known Qin Zigou since I was young, so we are on very good terms,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Old Mrs.

Han was startled.

“Qin Zigou, the one from the Qin Family”


“Aiyo!” Old Mrs.

Han slapped her thigh.

This was not too good!

Qin Zigou was younger than Han Zhuoling, and his looks were comparable to Han Zhuolings as well.

He even had the benefit of being childhood playmates with her.

No matter how she viewed it, she just felt that Han Zhuolings competitiveness was not quite enough.

Instantly, Old Mrs.

Han felt that Han Zhuolings attentiveness just now was not enough anymore.

He needed to work even harder!

“Whats wrong” Shi Xiaoya asked curiously.

“Nothing, nothing.” Old Mrs.

Han waved her hand.

“You go on.

Whats with you and that Qin Gouzi”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

How did Old Mrs.

Han know Qin Zigou was called Qin Gouzi

Old Mrs.

Han did not know what Shi Xiaoya was thinking, or else she would definitely tell Shi Xiaoya: of course the Qin Familys Old Madam told her!

“He wanted to go into fashion design, so both of us worked together.

Our work is quite complementary, so we opened a work studio together.

I had just started out then.

If Id been a normal newbie, how would I have had the ability to start a work studio by myself”

She would surely need to work her way up slowly.

If shed started her career off on such a huge scale but was not able to develop it in reality, who would dare to be like that

“Its because of my family, and Qin Zigous connections, that our work studio became so successful.

When he designs clothes for other people, he will call me along to do their makeup.

When I do the makeup for other people, I will also call him over to style their outfits,” Shi Xiaoya explained in detail.

“Just like that, slowly, we were able to work our way up until now.”

“Actually, it still boils down to the fact that you guys were capable enough,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Connections will run out eventually.

If your skills were really not good, nobody will be willing to run the risk of getting bad service, right If they got tricked into it once and felt that it was not good, they definitely wont come back to you.

Its still your capabilities that earned you recognition and reputation, such that word slowly spread around about you both.”

“Or else, no matter how close you are, it still wont work.

If you are not capable enough yet you insist on going to them, it might actually disgrace your family and friends.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and nodded.

All along, shed felt that her journey had been so smooth in part because of her family.

Sometimes, she also suspected that if not for the help from her family, she definitely would not have been able to make it to her current standards.

But hearing Old Mrs.

Hans confirmation of her capabilities, Shi Xiaoya felt an indescribable joy.

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