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Chapter 1813: Now You Dont Want to Let Me Go

That numbing and tingling sensation made Shi Xiaoya tremble uncontrollably.

Han Zhuoling sighed.

“I have to go.

Or else if I leave later, it would not be good if other people saw.”

“Okay,” Shi Xiaoya answered in a soft voice.

“If I leave, can you still fall asleep” Han Zhuoling asked, chuckling.

“No, I cant anymore,” Shi Xiaoya replied honestly.

“Then I really wont want to leave,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.

He pressed her closer to him and said, “I really want to hug you like this and continue lazing around on the bed.”

This time, Shi Xiaoya could not hold back her laughter.

She wrapped her arms around Han Zhuolings waist.

His was thinner than she expected, and it was very solid.

“Now its you who dont want to let me go” Han Zhuoling asked jokingly.

“No!” Shi Xiaoya quickly let go.

“Continue denying it,” Han Zhuoling said resignedly and kissed her again.

“Im leaving.

See you in a bit.”

After his reminder, Shi Xiaoya remembered that, right, in two hours, they would see each other again.

This felt so good.

“See you soon,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling really left this time.

Or else, if he left a little later, hed run into the staff from the production team who would be coming out to prepare for the filming today.

He hurriedly returned to his own room.

He did not go back to sleep but went to the bathroom instead.

Seeing his morning reaction, he went to take a bath resignedly.

Hed left so readily this time and did not hug Shi Xiaoya and linger around more precisely because of this.

He was afraid that if he continued staying there, he would not be able to restrain himself and do something to Shi Xiaoya.

Just now, hed really wanted to continue.

He sighed, then took care of it himself in the shower.

After Han Zhuoling left, Shi Xiaoya indeed could not sleep.

She flipped around and buried her head in the pillow.

The pillow beside was the one that Han Zhuoling had just slept on.

The pillow, as well as the space on the bed beside her, was all filled with Han Zhuolings scent.

Shi Xiaoya breathed in deeply and wrapped herself with the side of the blanket which Han Zhuoling had slept with.

The feeling of Han Zhuoling hugging her just now had not disappeared.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly started giggling foolishly to herself.

She only realized now that, actually, she had a bit of vanity in her.

Because, the her now felt very proud.

Because Han Zhuoling was her boyfriend!

After giggling like a fool for a while, Shi Xiaoya stood up, showered, and dried her hair before putting on makeup for herself that was suitable for going on screen, yet was not thick.

This kind of makeup would make her look close to having no makeup on screen, and it gave off a very fresh feeling.

This was a competitive game to begin with.

If she dolled up too exquisitely, it would actually not be good.

Shi Xiaoya packed her things.

It was already past 6 AM.

However, the director had already said last night that the filming would only start from 9 AM.

The hotel would start providing breakfast from 7:30 AM onwards, so the guests need not rush.

The missions for the filming today were not very intense.

To prevent any delays in the guests makeup time, Shi Xiaoya and the other five makeup artists all went early to eat breakfast quite coincidentally.

At 7:30 AM, when the hotel just started providing breakfast and before all the buffet dishes had been served, they had already gone over.

Seeing everyone there, they all started to laugh.

“Looks like we all had the same thought,” Shi Feng said as he laughed.

The six of them decided to just sit together.

Liu Enxiao said, “I heard the director say yesterday that the missions for todays filming are not intense, so we should be able to end earlier.”

“Sister Xiaoya, how does it feel like to film for a show” Hong Qiaoxian asked curiously.

“Erm…” Shi Xiaoya thought about it and said, “When I first faced the camera, I felt a little uncomfortable.

But afterward, the missions were all so tough, so I subconsciously forgot that the camera existed and got used to it thereafter.”

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