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Chapter 1888: making Presumptions Based on Seniority

“Do as I say, do you hear me” Wu Jingli said in a low voice, then warned, “I am more experienced than you.

The things that I tell you wont be wrong.”

Lu Man did not say anything.

Wu Jingli was just making presumptions based on her seniority.

She was being unreasonable, so she started presuming that she was right just because she was more senior.

She did not even care about shame at all.

They were already starting to rush them outside, so Wu Jingli could only throw a warning glare at her before going up on stage.

After a short while, it would be Lu Mans turn to go up on stage.

As it was the first rehearsal, they did not change into their stage costumes but wore their own casual clothes.

In that way, the effect of their acting would naturally not be as good.

Luckily, Lu Man had considered this situation.

She did not wear a cheongsam, but since it was also winter time, she wore a tan camel wool gown.

The gown had a deep V-neck design and was open back, so Lu Man paired it with a black base sweater according to the recommended look provided by the clothing brand.

The dress was designed to cover the buttocks, resembling an inverted A-line, reaching slightly below the knees.

This kind of design not only accentuated the beautiful figures of women, but the narrow hem of the gown also prevented one from taking big steps when walking.

Thus, involuntarily, one would walk in a graceful manner.

This gave off a similar feel like that when wearing a cheongsam but in a different form.

Lu Man walked in flamboyantly and seductively.

The way she spoke her lines were also so willful and wild.

She was so reckless, arrogant, and conceited because she was the top dance hostess.

As a strong-headed character, she did not hide that about herself, and Lu Man expressed it all out.

On the audience seats below, including Xu Jiashan and all the production staff, they were all blown away by Lu Mans performance.

They did not speak and watched silently, as if Lu Man had transported them back to that war-ravaged era.

Smoke billowed everywhere in the surroundings outside, yet in their small world, songs and dance played on and on.

That lady called Man Yun seemed to have been revived and was standing right in front of their very eyes.

“Stop!” Wu Jingli raised her voice and stopped Lu Mans performance.

Lu Man had not even finished saying her line, yet she had no choice but to stop.

The performance suddenly stopped, and even the audience was taken aback.

It was such an enjoyable performance at first, and Xu Jiashan felt really excited watching it.

Now that it suddenly stopped, Xu Jiashan was unhappy as well.

He frowned.

Wu Jingli was heard saying unhappily to Lu Man, “Lu Man, what did I tell you Didnt I tell you not to act in this way You are a newcomer, so why do you just refuse to listen to the opinions of others”

“You cant master this angle and completely cant control your acting, so why must you insist on acting it like this If you do this, how are we supposed to act together with you”

Wu Jinglis three students watched the drama unfold gloatingly at the side.

“Did I act badly” Lu Man asked.

“What are you even acting Which person sitting there isnt more experienced than you, yet you have the cheek to ask if you acted badly Youre really making a fool of yourself showing off before experts.

I told you, its not suitable if you act it that way.

Stop wasting everyones time here,” Wu Jingli said without giving Lu Man face at all.

The others were shocked by what Wu Jingli said for a moment.

This… They did not think that way.

They all thought that Lu Man acted very well, and it was hard to believe that this was actually a performance by a student.

Her understanding of the character, and her artfulness when acting, were all masterfully executed.

She was not deliberately trying to steal the scene; her stage presence was just too strong.

The moment Lu Man came up on stage with her seductive and flamboyant demeanor, she was able to attract the gazes of other people over to her subconsciously.

Actually, if she wore a cheongsam during the official performance, this kind of aura would become even stronger.

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