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Chapter 1889: Target

They also finally realized what Xu Jiashan meant previously when he said that, as long as Lu Man was on stage, she would very easily draw peoples attention to her.

Her presence was too strong and could indeed easily turn the people around her into side characters.

Without a similar level of aura to match with it, it would be very difficult to outshine Lu Man.

It was just that, Wu Jingli had been their colleague of many years, so no one said anything.

Xu Jiashan frowned and asked, “Whats going on Teacher Wu, you discussed with Lu Man about the performance before this”

Before waiting for Wu Jingli to say anything, Xu Yuting cut in and said, “Just now when we were rehearsing backstage, Teacher Wu already said that it was inappropriate for Lu Man to act in this way, and she told her how she should act.

But Lu Man did not listen to her at all.

She is way too arrogant, she doesnt even care about the teachers guidance.”

Xu Jiashan threw a glance at Xu Yuting, and Xu Yuting suddenly felt guilty and stopped talking.

How would Xu Jiashan not understand

The young people could not stand how Lu Man was also a newcomer but could act in such an important role.

Wu Jingli wanted to act as Man Yun but did not get the role, so she started targeting Lu Man.

He did not care about their targeting in private, but it should not influence the quality of the play.

Xu Jiashan held his temper back and asked, “Then how did Teacher Wu tell Lu Man to act before this”

Wu Jingli felt a little regretful at this moment.

She had been stunned by Lu Mans performance just now as well.

Shed stopped her performance in her panic.

But now that Xu Jiashan asked, Wu Jingli instantly felt that what she said previously really was not as good as the way Lu Man acted it out.

Sun Xiutong seized the chance to say the method that Wu Jingli mentioned earlier on.

Xu Jiashan raised his eyebrow and smiled.

“Teacher Wus method is not bad too.”

Wu Jinglis anxious heart could finally relax, and she threw a gloating look at Lu Man.

“Lu Man, tell me, how did you understand this character” Xu Jiashan said.

Lu Man then explained her understanding of Man Yuns character.

Xu Jiashan nodded and said, “Indeed, for Man Yuns character, I agree with Lu Mans view more.

This script was crafted by me and the scriptwriter.

With regards to understanding the characters in the play, I believe no one would be more clear on it than me.”

“I am very shocked that Lu Man could actually reach such a deep understanding of this character.” Xu Jiashan smiled and said to Lu Man, “Dont tell me you memorized the whole script inside out”

Lu Man smiled embarrassedly and did not speak.

Xu Jiashans words clearly indicated that Lu Mans method was better.

“Teacher Wu, your method is not wrong, but Lu Mans method is more suitable for Man Yuns character here.” Xu Jiashan could be said to have given Wu Jingli enough face.

Wu Jingli smiled stiffly before saying, “What Lu Man said is really quite good, but Im worried that she is still young and inexperienced, so she might not be able to artfully act it out because she could very easily overdo it.

One must know that plays are not filmed with cameras and one cant edit and cut scenes out.

Perhaps she might be acting it quite decently now, but when the time comes for her to act in front of such a huge audience, her mentality might be affected.

If she acted badly then, it might just hugely reduce the quality of our whole play.”

“I was just giving Lu Man a more stable method of performing,” Wu Jingli said.

“At the same time, I also hope that Lu Man will stop thinking about herself only and spare a thought for the whole team as well.”

“Teacher Wu,” Lu Man called out.

It was fine if Wu Jingli targeted her.

Lu Man didnt care at all about it.

Ever since shed stepped into this industry, she had met her fair share of such people and matters.

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