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Chapter 1973: Is Sister-in-law Something You Can Address Her with

This was obviously for Shi Xiaoya.

And everyone understood why after watching.

And they congratulated Han Zhuoling.

At this moment, he had Shi Xiaoya locked in his embrace while scrolling through his phone.

This way, Shi Xiaoya could watch with him comfortably.

Shi Xiaoya saw that many people congratulated Han Zhuoling on WeChat.

And could only watch as Han Zhuoling added her into the 8864 group.

They all used their real names in there for easy identification.

Shi Xiaoya eyed the names of the big shots quickly scrolling past the screen.

Qi Chenglin: “Its Xiaoya, right”

Wei Zilin: “Welcome, welcome.

Our group has grown bigger once more.”

Lu Man: “Welcome, Sister-in-law!”

Yan Beicheng: “Already calling her Sister-in-law Welcome, Little Sister-in-law.”

Wei Zhiqian: “Welcome, Little Sister-in-law.”

Han Zhuoli: “Wei Zhiqian, youre younger than my brother, dont take advantage! Welcome, Sister-in-law.”

Nan Jingheng: “Thats right.

Whats more, regardless of age, weve already agreed that whoever gets out of bachelorhood first is the eldest.

Lil Qian, you dont make the cut in either areas, so youre just a youngling.

Welcome, Little Sister-in-law.”

Wei Zhiqian: “Lil, my foot! This boy, how rude! IsLittle Sister-in-law something you can call her”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Welcome, Little Sister-in-law.”

Wei Ziqi: “IsLittle Sister-in-law something you can call her Welcome, Little Sister-in-law.”

Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

She was suddenly so many peoples younger sister-in-law.

Han Zhuoling seemed to have benefitted!

Han Zhuoling: “What a noisy bunch.”

Qi Chengzhi: “We make you sound younger! You should thank us.

If not for us, the age gap between you and Little Sister-in-law would be too big!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He didnt feel that his age was a problem before.

He was in his prime, and he even thought of himself as still young!

But after meeting Shi Xiaoya, hed already started feeling he was old even before they got together.

Every time he saw Shi Xiaoya, he felt she was so energetic, oozing youthfulness from inside out.

He would wish he was younger by a few years.

And now, Qi Chengzhis words pierced his heart.

Because the group wasnt big, Shi Xiaoya didnt need to agree before she was added into the chat.

Thus, her phone wasnt with her.

Shi Xiaoya kept grasping blindly for her phone.

Han Zhuoling quickly stilled her movements.

“What are you moving about for”

If she wriggled any more than this, he wouldnt be able to control himself for sure.

“Im finding my phone,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You added me to the group, so Ive got to say my hellos or theyll think Im rude.”

Han Zhuolings arms circled around her, his lips quirking upwards while his eyes flashed cunningly.

He then stuffed his phone into her hands.

“Using mines the same.”

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya didnt think much; she wasnt as crafty as Han Zhuoling.

Completely unaware of his plan, she took his phone and keyed in: “Hello, everyone, Im Shi Xiaoya!”

And added a sentence immediately after: “I dont think hes much older than me, his ages just perfect.”

Shi Xiaoya typed intently with her head bent, missing how warmth had flooded Han Zhuolings eyes as he watched her key those two sentences.

He couldnt suppress himself.

This girl, claiming she wanted to introduce herself yet, in reality, just wanted to stand up for him.

Han Zhuoling never thought thered come a day when hed be defended by this girl.

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