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Chapter 1991: A Match

Opening up the photo showed the words in it.

“Let me expose something about Zheng Xuexin.

Zheng Xuexin definitely isnt as gentlemanly as we think he is.

He always says he helps to groom newcomers, but in fact, it always involves an exchange of conditions.

The women were all people he had bedded before.

The men would also try to think of ways to send the girls he took a liking to to his bed.

Zheng Xuexin is really lustful.

Hes so lustful to the point that its psychotic.”

“Back then, to become famous, he could fit both sides like a two-pin socket, but in fact, he was straight deep down.

Just because of this, when he finally made a name for himself, he could not stop looking for women.

Many methods of coercion, threats, and tempting with benefits are things only you all can think of, but theyre things Zheng Xuexin is capable of doing.”

That netizen said, “Clearly, this matches with the incident this time.”

As for all these, it was naturally arranged by Lu Man.

Since she wanted to attack Zheng Xuexin, she naturally could not let Liu Enxiao get away with it either.

No matter what, Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao would have to be finished this time.

Draw A Circle On Entertainment: “Zheng Xuexin went to film for the fifth episode of Survivor this time.

Judging from the time that this incident happened, they probably finished filming the first half of the episode the previous day.

The next half of the episode will probably be recorded on the day the incident happened.

But Zheng Xuexin got involved in a scandal and was sent to the police station.

They definitely wont be able to continue filming for it.

And with this incident being exposed, no matter whether anything really happens to Zheng Xuexin in the end, it would be impossible for them to look for him to film again.

The production team also needs to consider the issue of maintaining a positive image.

The most likely outcome would be that they would have to cut out all the scenes with Zheng Xuexin in it for the first half of the episode as well.

As for the details, we still have to wait for the production teams decision.

Lets wait and see.”

Although Zheng Xuexin was involved in a scandal and definitely affected the filming for the show to some extent, in Lu Donglius eyes, this matter was still more of a boon than a bane.

Theres no Zheng Xuexin to worry about, but they could use this chance to let their show garner another wave of popularity and interest.

This scandal was not caused by the production team.

Their show was a victim as well.

Hence, the more discussions there were, the more it would serve as a form of publicity for them as well.

Lu Dongliu could not be more pleased.

He still had a lot to thank Lu Man for for this matter.

While Lu Man was dealing with Zheng Xuexins matter, she did not forget the mission of publicizing for Survivor at the same time as well.

Hence, she did both at the same time.


On the production teams end, as they had one less person, they needed to change some levels.

Hence, filming ended earlier than the expected timing.

And coupled with the fact that T City was near B City, they would be able to arrive there in one and a half hours by plane.

Shi Xiaoya considered the fact that Han Zhuoling needed to work.

Hence, after filming for the show, she returned to B City with him that day at around 5 pm.

The two of them got off the plane and went straight back to Shi Xiaoyas home.

When they reached the foot of Shi Xiaoyas building, she saw someone carrying a cardboard box to move it upstairs.

Right at that moment, the neighbor staying below Shi Xiaoyas house came out from the lift carrying luggage.

“Xiaoya,” the neighbor greeted with a smile.

“Elder Sister Mu, are you traveling out for work” Shi Xiaoya asked, also smiling.

“Yeah.” Elder Sister Mu smiled and said, “I need to go on a business trip.”

The people staying here were mostly successful and accomplished in their careers.

It had been many years since Elder Sister Mu had had her own family.

She had a daughter who was in high school right then.

Elder Sister Mus husband was a university professor while she was one of the co-founders of a company.

So, usually, she was the more busy one, always running around outside.

Her husbands working hours were more stable, so he stayed at home to take care of the children and their studies.

The husband and wife had a stable and loving relationship.

Although the husband was usually the one at home while the wife was working outside, they lived in extraordinary harmony with each other.

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