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Chapter 2015: I Really Dont Mind

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Guo Yujie had just taken a few steps out when she heard Xia Yixin say mockingly, “How unexpectedly loyal.”

Shi Xiaoya ignored her and waved to call the waiter over.

She had the teapot refilled with hot tea and placed it right beside her hand.

When the time came, Shi Xiaoya did not want to show mercy.

But after Xia Yixin sat down, she did not speak a word and just stared intensely at Shi Xiaoya.

“Miss Xia,” Shi Xiaoya said very coldly.

“What exactly do you want to say to me If youre not going to talk, I will have to leave.

I have many things to do at work.”

Xia Yixin pursed her lips and said, “Theres nothing really special about you actually.

Youre a very normal person.”

“I wont need to trouble you to comment on that, Miss Xia.” Shi Xiaoya was annoyed.

“What exactly do you want”

“I read the news online.

Han Zhuoling even revealed his relationship with you,” Xia Yixin said.

“So” Shi Xiaoya did not have any patience with Xia Yixin.

“Dont you mind it at all” Xia Yixin said.

“I know, given Han Zhuolings conditions, even if its his second marriage, he will still be very attractive.

Money, power, and looks, theres not one that he lacks.”

Shi Xiaoya could roughly guess what Xia Yixin wanted to say, so she said, “So, seeing as hes such a good person, how could you be so dumb as to just let go Its all thanks to you that I even stood a chance.

Given how principled Zhuoling is as a person, even if he didnt like you, as long as hes married to you, even if he met me later on and realized that he liked me, he would still not have betrayed you.”

Shi Xiaoya laughed mockingly and said, “Hes such a good man.

Just this point alone is enough to make one cherish him.

Now that you have given me such a chance, what is there for me to mind Speaking of it, I have to thank you for this.”

“You!” Xia Yixin was indeed enraged by Shi Xiaoya.

She really did give her a chance!

But hearing it from Shi Xiaoya really made her insufferably vexed and upset.

“Gloat all you want.

There will be a time when you wont be able to gloat,” Xia Yixin said coldly.

“I still dont understand why you came to look for me today,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She used the tips of her fingers to test the teacup.

It was really hot, which made her feel assured.

“What exactly do you want to say to me If you just came to tell me all these pointless and meaningless things, I dont have time to keep you company.” As Shi Xiaoya said that, she prepared to stand up.

“Dont you mind at all” Xia Yixin said.

“He was my husband once, and we had been so intimate before.

All the intimate things he did with you, he did them with me before.”

“So” Shi Xiaoya tilted her head slightly and said, “I still dont get it.

What is it you want to say All these things, do you think I dont know about it Was your marriage just one where both of you chatted under the covers If it was, then Zhuoling would have long discovered that youd betrayed him and that the son was not his.

He would not have been insulted and cheated on by you.

“Since I accept him, like him, and have fallen in love with him, then I have also accepted everything in his past.

Without him mentioning it specifically, and much less without you mentioning it, who would not have thought of these things” Shi Xiaoya thought it was really such a joke.

“He once had a failed marriage, but this doesnt mean he doesnt have the right to pursue a new relationship.

I accept the fact that he had been married once, and I naturally thought of all these things you said.

But so what

“I really dont mind.

Its clearly your fault, so why should I blame it on him This is not fair to him,” Shi Xiaoya said.

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