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Chapter 2079: No Benefits Were Reaped at All

That cold and arrogant demeanor was as frightening as Han Zhuolings, such that no one really dared to talk to him when they saw him.

Everyone just thought that he was a reserved and deep head of the Han Family.

Who knew that in private, the contrast was so huge

Han Zhuoling was also incredibly cold in front of others, but clingy and flirtatious in private.

Did all the Han Family brothers have double personalities in public and private

“…” Han Zhuolings face darkened as he said, “I havent prepared for it.

But after today, I can find a suitable date.”

Wont he

He had already been exposed by Lin Liye.

There was not much he needed to worry about.

The moment Han Zhuoling finished saying that, he received a call from Shi Guanzhong.

“Dad,” Han Zhuoling immediately greeted.

Wang Juhuai: “…”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Theyd already heard him say that earlier on.

Yet they still felt that, no matter how many times they heard it, it was still very shocking.

Even Shi Guanzhong had to calm his nerves for a moment before he could continue saying, “How is the renovation process for your and Xiaoyas place”

Hear the chords and understand the allusions[1].

Han Zhuoling immediately understood what Shi Guanzhong meant and said, “It will be done this weekend.

Dad, are you, Mom, and Older Brother free then”

Shi Guanzhong said, “How about tomorrow, then”

Even if they were not free, they had to make time for it.

They just wanted to see immediately how their cohabiting situation was like.

“Sure,” Han Zhuoling answered, and he confirmed the approximate time with Shi Guanzhong.

After ending the call, he then bade farewell to Han Zhuoli and the others.


On Xia Qingyang and Lu Qis end, they were done discussing everything with the director of the office and only just left.

Although the plan to smear Xia Qingwei today failed, it was not completely fruitless.

Lu Qi planned to use this matter to smear Xia Qingwei online.

The netizens were not the Han Family, after all.

They would not think from Xia Qingweis point of view.

Not everyone would analyze the situation rationally.

And there were many people who just went with the flow.

Whatever other people said, they would just believe it.

They did not even know to use their brains to think.

And the people that Lu Qi wanted to make use of were precisely this bunch of people.

Even if it was fake, as long as she could smear Xia Qingweis reputation, there would surely be some people online who would believe it.

Lu Qi was about to contact some gossip exposé outlets, but when she went online, she almost fainted from anger.

Before she could smear Xia Qingwei, the incident of Xia Qingyang and her going to Sheng Yue to cause a ruckus had already been exposed.

And it was different from the past.

in the past, there were many people who made groundless accusations and both parties would have been smeared.

But this time, she and Xia Qingyang were the only ones being smeared online.

Xia Qingwei was not affected at all!

“Lu Man!” Lu Qi gritted her teeth.

It was definitely her!

Aside from her, no one would be able to accomplish this!

She had just been one step late, and the chance got snatched away by Lu Man.

Today was really… no benefits were reaped at all!

Lu Qiyuan naturally also saw the news.

But he did not think that he had already been suspected by Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang went to find trouble with Xia Qingwei.

If Xia Qingyang had suspicions, she would definitely come and find trouble with him.

Why would she go and disturb Xia Qingwei

She was just using this as an excuse to cause trouble for Xia Qingwei.

Yet she ended up embarrassing herself.

As Lu Qi was there as well, Lu Qiyuan guessed that Lu Qi definitely had a part to play in instigating this.

Why did he think Lu Qi was a good one in the past

In the past, when there were no issues in the family and he oppressed Lu Man and supported Lu Qi, she was indeed a good one.

Because there was no need for her to take action to deal with it personally.

She could totally pretend to be a little white lotus, appearing gentle, demure, and kind.

[1] Chinese idiom

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