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Chapter 2136: Well Settle Scores Slowly

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“Settle How did he settle it If hed settled it, would this video have made it online” Shi Nancang said furiously.

“Are you at home now”

“Yeah, Im at home.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Ill go over right now,” Shi Nancang said.

“When I arrive, well settle the scores slowly!”

Shi Nancang was angry at Han Zhuoling.

This was such a small matter, yet he could not even protect Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Nancang knew very clearly that Shi Xiaoya had definitely been implicated by Han Zhuoling in this matter.

Before she got together with Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya had never met with such things.

It was after she got together with him that she met with all these troubles one after another.

Before waiting for Shi Xiaoya to reply, Shi Nancang ended the call.

He did not even give her a chance to decline.

Shi Xiaoya ended the call and said helplessly, “My older brother is on the way here.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“I heard it.”

Shi Nancang was quite angry, so his voice was very loud over the phone.

Han Zhuoling could hear him over the phone as well.

“Ill give Lu Man a call,” Han Zhuoling said.

Having a top PR master in the family was just that convenient!

Leaving this to Lu Man would naturally resolve the matter in a more complete and clear-cut manner.

When Lu Man received Han Zhuolings call, she roughly heard a description of the matter and said, “Big Brother, Ill come over with Zhuoli first.

Ill call you when we come out.

You can tell me about it in detail then.”

With this kind of matter, the best way to handle things would be to give some reaction as soon as possible.

The slower the reaction, the more harmful it was for Shi Xiaoya.

“Sure.” Han Zhuoling understood Lu Mans intention and ended the call.

Lu Man told Han Zhuoli about the overall situation.

The two of them did not go online tonight, so they did not know about this matter.

They quickly packed their things, changed their clothes, and went out.

On the way, Lu Man then called Han Zhuoling.

She heard Han Zhuoling describe the whole matter from start to end clearly.

Lu Man nodded.

“I got it.

Do you both have Xiaoyas graduation photos from Jixia Academy”

“No,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ill ask mother-in-law to take some with her phone and send a few over.”

Han Zhuoling ended the call and Shi Xiaoya asked, “What did Lu Man want”

“She wants your graduation photos from Jixia Academy,” Han Zhuoling said.

“She probably wants to use this point first as a rebuttal to show that you dont need to take money from someone else.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded and immediately called back home.

Du Yiqin also knew about this and was about to call Shi Xiaoya, yet Shi Xiaoya happened to call at this moment.

Du Yiqin immediately answered.

“Xiaoya, whats going on I saw that you got bullied online! Who did that!”

Shi Xiaoya felt really warmed in her heart and could not help but laugh.

“Its fine, Im about to resolve it now.

Lu Man is on the way to our house.

Shes the top PR manager.

With her around, theres no problem.

Anyway, this matter is slander to begin with.

Its very easy to clear the air.”

Although Shi Xiaoya said that, Du Yiqin knew that, for such matters, it was not that easy to clear things up.

There would surely be many people who could not stand to see others doing well and be willing to believe such negative news.

Even if the air had been cleared, it would still be viewed as a dark past by people who would not believe your clarification.

“Mom, dont worry.

Zhuoling will not let me get bullied just like that,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“And Older Brother is also on the way to my house.

We will resolve this matter tonight.”

“Okay..” Even though Du Yiqin still felt worried, she did not want to let Shi Xiaoya worry as well, so she pretended to be assured.

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