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Chapter 2257: Dont Blame Him for Using Her

“Its similar to a live-stream, but weve already recorded it, and we will upload all of that online to broadcast,” Lu Dongliu said.

“I also just thought of this idea.

We could have just done a 24-hour live-stream otherwise.

“But saying that is too late now.

So Im thinking, we can change up the format of the live-stream.

Anyway, if we really live-streamed for 24 hours, the audience would also not have time to glue their eyes to the screen from day to night.

We will still present all the content, but the audience can slowly watch it whenever and wherever they want.

Whenever they have time, they can continue watching it.

They wont miss any scenes.”

When Chi Xingrui heard that, he felt that this was plausible.

“Good idea! Up til now, there doesnt seem to be such a broadcast format.

And we are broadcasting this on our own platform, so we dont need to liaise with other video platforms,” Chi Xingrui said as he nodded.

This was the convenience of having their own online video platform.

“Gather the shows program and publicity planning staff, lets have a mini-meeting.

This is just a rough idea of mine, we still need to discuss the details to produce a complete plan,” Lu Dongliu said.

“We have to do this ASAP.

The show will air this weekend.

Right after the show airs, we will upload on the video platform for members the television station version and the complete unedited version.”

Chi Xingrui immediately went to call those people.

Lu Dongliu turned back and glanced at Ni Xues tent.

Ni Xue should also not blame him for using her.

If she had not made trouble out of nothing, even if the complete version came out, it would not cause any negative impact on her.

Just like how this complete version would not cause any negative impact on the other guests.

So, everything was still up to herself.

However, Lu Dongliu indeed got inspiration from Ni Xues attitude.

He was only persuading Ni Xue just then and advising her that receiving punishment was actually a very good way to increase her scenes.

Actually, on the flip side, Ni Xue behaving like this was also a very good gimmick and conflict point that could draw the audiences eyeballs.

Putting it in the official broadcast version with the television station was clearly not very appropriate, and it was not very suitable for editing either.

But if they aired the complete version online, then this last special episode of Survivor might really just become a big big hit, surpassing all the previous usual episodes.

Lu Dongliu gathered the staff on his end and started the discussions while Shi Xiaoya and the others also entered the villa.

There were a total of three floors and six rooms.

There were two rooms on every floor, which could fit all 11 of them in one villa.

“Ey, there are cameras in here too.” Peng Zhen noticed the cameras all around the living room.

At the corners of the ceiling, on the table, on top of the shelves, they were everywhere.

“Dont tell me there are cameras in the rooms too.” Zhang Jian just casually said that, but it actually alerted everyone.

They had quickly gone back to their rooms first and tidied themselves up at the same time.

Yet the moment they entered the room, indeed, they saw that the rooms also had cameras installed.

“Will these be recording for the show too” Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

But luckily, quite a lot of variety shows have such a format now, so they would not really cause much discomfort.

Just that, in this way, they would have to be careful of their every word and action in the rooms too.

Han Zhuoling plainly glanced in the direction of the camera.

The staff who had been manning the camera all this time felt utterly pressured by that cold glance of his.

Before he even had time to think, his first reaction was to subconsciously, quietly, turn the camera in another direction.

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