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Chapter 2348: Ill Intentions

Lu Mans mind was very clear.

Nothing could throw her into confusion.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

It was also fortunate that Lu Man was present.

Because then they could just brainlessly follow Lu Man and did not have to think about anything.

Zhang Xiaoying helplessly shook her head.

“Professor Howell really doesnt have the time.

He has to take part in a Broadway performance during this period of time.”

Zhang Xiaoying thought for a while and laughed.

“Professor Howell is quite cute.

As he was afraid that I would misunderstand him and think that he was unwilling to help us, he even purposely showed me his schedule.

He really doesnt have the time.”

“The few teachers who previously guided us are also busy.

Besides teaching at the school, they have their own jobs outside the school and have no time to spare,” Xu Chuansheng said.

“What should we do” Wu Zilin spoke again.

“We cant possibly blindly rehearse on our own.”

Everyone felt disdain in their hearts. Are you the only one who knows it and can talk

Is it meaningful to keep showing off at times like this

Han Leilei said, “I personally believe in Lu Mans capabilities.

If theres really no teacher who can help us with the rehearsal, well rehearse by ourselves.

If Lu Man feels that there are any areas Ive not acted appropriately and she wants me to try another more appropriate method, Ill listen to her.”

“Thats right,” Xu Chuansheng said.

“Anyway, didnt we want Lu Man to guide us in our performance from the beginning Then its also the same if we let Lu Man guide us in the rehearsal before the competition.”


Its better for one person to have a universal opinion than for all of us to stick to our own opinions and not give in to one another.” Sun Mengying also made her position known.

One after another, the rest of them made their positions known that Lu Man could take on the task of guiding them.

Even Wu Zilin actually agreed this time.

“I also agree to let Lu Man do it.”

Everyone looked at Wu Zilin in astonishment.

They couldnt be blamed for being astonished as the change in Wu Zilin had caught them off guard.

He was actually so easy to talk to now and was willing to accept Lu Mans guidance

“Dont look at me this way.

I also hope that our rehearsal can take place smoothly and we can eventually get a good result.

I dont wish to keep dragging this,” Wu Zilin said.

Seeing that everyone still looked surprised, Wu Zilin smiled bitterly and said, “Do you all still think that my earlier actions were intentional They werent intentional.

I feel the same way as you all.

I hope that our team will do well and achieve good results.

You all hoped that we can be united.

I also feel this way and am doing this.

In contrast, why do you all not believe me now”

Although the rest of them did not understand him, Lu Man understood him too well.

Based on what Wu Zilin had done earlier, Lu Man could already grasp his thoughts.

Wu Zilin must be feeling that he should join hands with them to let Lu Man take the lead.

Whether it was during the rehearsal or for guidance with the performance, they would follow Lu Mans decisions.

Hence, if they failed or lost and the judges pointed out the areas where they didnt do well, theyd have a reason to say that it was because they had followed Lu Mans instructions, that Lu Man was responsible for it.

The rest of them wouldnt have thought of this as they did not think so deeply into the matter.

Hence, when Wu Zilin also agreed to let Lu Man take on the task of guiding them, they were so surprised.

However, Lu Man did not think so purely of Wu Zilin.

When he had pushed the blame for their inability to find a teacher to guide them just now on Lu Man, she had already guessed his way of thinking.

Lu Man was not afraid to take on this responsibility.

Since her debut, she had never stopped being questioned.

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