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Chapter 2374: Warming Up Throats as an Excuse

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Hence, the welcoming lunch for Wang Yanglin ended soon after.

They all returned to school immediately, even though Lu Man had said Robert and Hayer wouldnt be arriving until around two in the afternoon.

Han Leilei rubbed her hands, saying, “Its fine, we can go back and practice.

Even warming up our throats will be good.”

“… ” Lu Man was speechless.

Bless Han Leilei, even thinking of warming up their vocal cords as an excuse.

Since everyone agreed, the meal ended and they all returned to the campus.

Because Wang Yanglin wouldnt be staying at the school, no one rushed Wu Zilin even though his room wasnt vacated yet.

But seeing Wu Zilins delaying tactics, Lu Man knew what he was thinking.

Thus, she said directly, “Wu Zilin, since youre no longer an exchange student, you dont need to continue staying here, do you”

Wu Zilin replied coldly, “Cant I stay here and chat with my friends Are you a dictator here I cant stay here just because you wont allow me to How domineering!”

Lu Man raised her brow, and Han Leilei said, “Then chat all you want.

Until Robert and Hayer come, we have to go rehearse and wont have time to chit-chat at all.”

One sentence was all it took to upend all of Wu Zilins plans.

By this time, everybody knew what he was thinking.

Wu Zilins likely planning to go for free lessons shamelessly.


The teachers were invited by Lu Man.

He was trying to ruin Lu Man and their relationship, and now he wanted free lessons

How thick-skinned was he!

At that moment, Lu Mans phone rang.

Lu Man took a glance and said, “Its from Robert.”

And instantly, she picked up the call.

“Lu Man, Hayer and I have reached the school entrance.

Where should we go”

Lu Man told them the rehearsal venue.

Han Leilei had booked a small rehearsal room from the school a week prior to allow them to practice.

When they hung up, Lu Man said, “Robert and Hayer are here.

Lets go to the practice room building entrance and wait for them there.”

“Oh my god.” Zhang Xiaoying covered her heart.

“Were going to have close interactions with Robert and Hayer and even be guided by them.

My hearts beating so fast.”

“Me too, me too,” Sun Mengying agreed agitatedly.

The rest were all the same.

The few guys couldnt calm themselves down either.

Lu Man remembered Wu Zilin and said, “Youll be staying here, then.

No hurry if you dont wish to go yet.

Well be going.”

“Ill follow you,” Wu Zilin blurted out.

Xu Chuansheng sneered, “Follow us for what Youve got no role to play.”

Wu Zilin remained silent before saying, “I just want to watch and listen by the side.

Isnt that acceptable Were all students who came here together.

Surely such a simple thing can be allowed

“Ill just listen by the side and wont interrupt you.

This wont delay you and affect your stuff.” Both sides interests were guaranteed this way.

Surely, Wu Zilin thought, they wouldnt stop him from listening in, ruining everyones interest.

Xu Chuansheng was a straightforward person who wouldnt coddle Wu Zilin.

“I say, how thick-skinned can you be Robert and Hayer were invited by Lu Man.

Despite your attitude to her before, youre now trying to take advantage”

“Dont make things sound so bad..” Wu Zilin frowned.

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