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Chapter 2417: You Dont Trust Us

“I will send someone to investigate this together with you,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

The principals expression changed.

“You dont trust us”

“This concerns my Younger Sister-in-law.

As her family, we have the right to be involved,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“And why would this row of lights drop for no reason Your school is responsible for this.

I naturally wouldnt trust you.”

Very soon, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics hurried over.

They first did emergency inspection and treatment for Lu Man.

They found out that she had internal bleeding at the back of her head, but luckily, the wound was not big.

Han Zhuoli went with Lu Man to the hospital in the ambulance.

The others drove over on their own.

Han Zhuoling stayed behind.

Lu Man had just been brought away when the men that Han Zhuoling had called over arrived.

The principal was about to send someone to investigate, but he was stopped by Han Zhuoling.


The principal stared at Han Zhuoling, feeling perplexed, and only heard Han Zhuoling say, “Before the cause of the accident has been investigated, we need to seal off this area.”

The principal frowned and said with displeasure, “Mr.

Han, because the person who is injured is Lu Man, I dont mind your getting involved in the investigation.

But firstly, this is our school, not your territory.

Secondly, whether its about sealing off the area or what exactly to do during the investigation, you are not the police, so you dont have the right to seal off this area.”

At this moment, Han Zhuolings men had roughly checked the place once and then came over to say, “The wires connecting that row of lights and the ropes all had traces of being cut before.”

One even took out a part of the rope and said, “This part, its obvious that its been cut with a knife.”

“Then lets call the police,” Han Zhuoling said with a stern, cold face to the principal.

“Someone has deliberately caused harm in this case.

We can just call the police to handle this.

Before the police comes, seal off the stage.

No one is to go up.”

Before the principal could say anything, Han Zhuolings men had already stood up on stage, not letting anyone else go up.

Another had already called the police to make a report.

But all these, the principal could not stop either.

In the hospital, Lu Man had been sent to the emergency ward, and a thorough check was done on her as well.

“The patient had received a heavy blow to the head.

The injuries on her body did not reach her bones, they are all superficial wounds.

We did an MRI scan of her brain just now.

Everything is normal, theres no problem,” the doctor said.

“We just need to wait for her to come to now.”

Han Zhuoli had just heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the doctor say, “But injuries to the head can be both minor and severe and should not be taken lightly.

It doesnt mean theres no problem at all just because theres nothing wrong according to the scan.

There are many times when the symptoms left behind by injuries to the head cannot be detected through any kind of scans.

We can only be sure after she comes to.”

Han Zhuoli felt his heart drop.

Nothing had better happen to Lu Man.

After the doctor left, Han Zhuoli stayed by the bedside.

The others did not come as quickly as the ambulance and only just rushed over.

Xia Qingwei came over to the bedside and asked, “How is Man Man”

Han Zhuoli repeated what the doctor had told him and said, “I only hope that Lu Man comes to and that nothing is wrong with her.”

At this moment, Han Zhuolings call came as well.

He told Han Zhuoli about the situation on the schools side and said, “The situation is left to the police to handle, but we will also follow them throughout the case and wont rely on the local police completely.

What we can confirm now is, this was done by someone.

Its not an accident.

As for who did it, we still need to investigate.

“If you trust me for this, leave it to me.

You can focus on accompanying Lu Man,” Han Zhuoling said over the phone.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoli naturally trusted Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoli did not know when Lu Man would wake up and what her condition would be like after she did, so he really could not attend to both matters.

After hanging up the call, Han Zhuoli then told everyone what Han Zhuoling had found out on his end.

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