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Chapter 2430: Let Him Wail

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He touched Lu Mans face, his little hands grabbing a bit before he turned to look at Xia Qingwei.

Although he did not know how to talk, it was as if his face was full of question marks.

Xia Qingwei then said to Lu Man, “Man Man, Yijun is also asking, why are you still not awake Zhuoli stays by your side 24 hours a day and has never left even once.

Wake up so that he can feel assured.

“All of us are worried about you.

The doctor clearly said that theres no problem, but why wont you just wake up” Xia Qingwei said.

“Quickly wake up, alright”

Little Yijun had been used to having Lu Man around to play with him.

As long as he saw Lu Man, he knew that this older sister would be tiring him out with play.

But he didnt mind, because he himself felt that it was quite fun too.

But today, when he saw Lu Man again, Lu Man actually did not react at all.

Just now, when little Yijun pinched her face, it was because he wanted to play with her.

He thought that she was sleeping, so he wanted to pinch her awake.

Alas, even after a long time of pinching, she did not react at all.

Little Yijun was angry and anxious.

His little hands landed atop Lu Mans shoulders.

He wanted to shake her awake, but his strength was not enough at all.

He could only smack and smack, his strength so little that it was practically insignificant.

When little Yijun saw that Lu Man did not wake up no matter what, his bearish temper acted up.

“Wah!” He wailed and started crying out loud.

Xia Qingwei even thought that perhaps little Yijuns cries might be able to arouse Lu Man from her coma.

It was fine even if she was aroused because she was disturbed, as long as Lu Man could wake up.

Little Yijun was just crying without actually tearing.

Every time he turned into a naughty child, he would start crying without tears streaming down his face.

As he was faking his cries, he did not drop a single tear at all.

At the start, they would even be deceived by him.

But after a few times, Xia Qingwei and Lu Man could tell very clearly whether he was really crying or fake crying.

At this moment, little Yijun was fake crying.

Xia Qingwei said to Wang Juhuai and Han Zhuoli, “Let him be.

Let him wail.

It would be great if he could wail and make Man Man wake up.”

Hence, Han Zhuoli and Wang Juhuai did not stop little Yijun.

They did not find it noisy either.

What if little Yijun really managed to wake Lu Man up with his cries

Lu Man had not woken up even as the days passed, so everyone was panicking and worried.

And the most worried person was Han Zhuoli.

Because Han Zhuoli knew a little more than they did.

The others did not know that Lu Man returned because she got revived.

Ever since he heard Lu Man say that, Han Zhuoli had always been worried.

He was worried that one day, Lu Man would suddenly disappear from this world and no longer exist.

That the Heavens would suddenly take her life back.

Han Zhuoli had been afraid of this all along.

And now, Lu Man got hurt.

But the doctor clearly said that the injury was not that serious, yet Lu Man just did not wake up.

During these last few days when Lu Man was unconscious, his heart had been on tenterhooks.

What he feared the most was that Lu Man would really just continue sleeping like this.

Leaving only a shell of her body behind, with her soul long gone.

And they still would not know it.

“Man Man.” Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and said, “Hear this.

Yijun is crying in anger because of you.

Because you refuse to wake up.

Quickly wake up now.”

Little Yijun saw that no matter how he wailed, Lu Man refused to acknowledge him.

He slowly got tired and stopped wailing.

He lay beside Lu Man and fell asleep.

Xia Qingwei then carried him up again.

Han Zhuoli said, “Dad, Mom, you both take Yijun back first.

After experiencing such a huge incident today, be it Yijun or you two, all of you got a huge scare.

Have a good rest..

If Man Man comes to, I will inform you both at the very first instance.”

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