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Chapter 2431: Alert

“When she comes to and sees how tired you all look, it wouldnt be good.”

Xia Qingwei sighed and said, “You say that about us, but isnt it the same for you Did you not look in the mirror these last few days so you dont know how haggard you look as well”

“When she wakes up, Ill tidy up my appearance,” Han Zhuoli said despondently.

Xia Qingwei also did not understand.

She clearly only had a light injury, so why was she not able to wake up

But seeing how Han Zhuoli looked, it seemed as if he wanted to be alone with Lu Man for a while.

Xia Qingwei also wanted to stay and keep her company, but she also knew that Lu Man did not belong only to her now.

“Okay, then, we will come again tomorrow,” Xia Qingwei said.

Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai left and returned to the hotel.

The Han Family then went to visit them.

So much had happened within these two days, which really made them feel so incredulous.

Why did everything happen all at once

When Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei went with Bian Daoren and the others to rescue little Yijun, the Han Family members had stayed together with Han Zhuoli in the hospital.

To watch over Lu Man, and to wait for news of little Yijun together.

When little Yijun was rescued, they then returned to the hotel to see how little Yijun was.


Wang Qianyun still did not know that Lin Jinshu already got caught.

She did not really know about the situation on Lin Jinshus side but had wanted to learn more about the latest developments.

So she gave Lin Jinshu a call.

But now that Lin Jinshu got caught, her phone was already in the hands of the police.

The phone was not turned off, because as Bian Daoren had mentioned before, Lin Jinshu very likely had an accomplice.

Bian Daoren did not immediately mention Wang Qianyun.

Because they only suspected her now but did not have concrete evidence to prove it.

The intelligence department was still investigating it.

But they mentioned it briefly to the police so that they could keep an eye out as well.

The moment Wang Qianyun contacted Lin Jinshu, the police would then not miss it.

Indeed, when Lin Jinshus phone rang, the police instantly took it out.

When an officer answered the call, he heard a string of Mandarin words being spoken, “Auntie, hows the situation over at your side”

The police officer naturally did not understand Mandarin and frowned.

Whether it was Wang Juhuai, Xia Qingwei, or Bian Daoren, none of them were here.

No one could understand what Wang Qianyun had said.

The police thought about it and said, “Who are you”

When Wang Qianyun heard that it was a male voice, she became a little more cautious.

“And who are you”

The police glanced at Lin Jinshu and said, “Madam Lin cannot answer the call right now.

You can tell me if theres anything, I will let her know.”

“No need.

Since she cant take the call right now, I will call back later,” Wang Qianyun said hurriedly and quickly ended the call.

She clutched her phone, her eyelid twitching non-stop.

She had a feeling that something might have gone wrong on Lin Jinshus side.

After all, when they were planning such a big thing, Lin Jinshu did not leave this matter to someone else.

And that phone was Lin Jinshus private phone.

All the more she would not give it to someone for no reason, or ask someone else to pass on a message to her.

She and Lin Jinshu had long planned it out.

They would make Lu Man get into an accident first.

When the Han Family was panicking and scrambling about, with no time to care about other things, they would then settle Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingweis matter.

Once Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei had divorced, even if nothing happened to Lu Man, there would be nothing she could do to salvage the situation.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei would have been divorced long ago.

The two of them were not able to get together in the past, so they had still pined for each other and held regrets in their hearts.

But the divorce this time would certainly drive a wedge between their hearts, so they could forget about getting back together so easily.

She and Lin Jinshu had wanted to seize the moment while they were in a chaotic situation and unable to react immediately to break them up step by step.

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