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Chapter 2493: What Ill Designs Were These Ladies Hiding

Yan Zhiqing took one step forward and said, “Haha, then Ill be the one.”

Wei Zhiqian shuddered a little.

Why did Yan Zhiqings laughter give him goosebumps

Hearing her laughter made him feel that she was definitely up to no good!

Wei Wucai walked up to Yan Zhiqing, turned around, and bent his knees a bit so that Yan Zhiqing could climb on him.

Zheng Yuan and the three girls widened their eyes, waiting to watch.

Shi Xiaoya looked like she could not bear to watch at all.

They all looked like they were waiting for tragedy to unfold.

The others could tell from their looks that there was definitely something fishy going on.

They just did not know what ill designs these ladies were hiding from them.

Just looking at them, they could not tell either.

The five of them all looked very normal.

They were wearing long dresses, which could not hide any props.

Yan Zhiqing laughed sarcastically twice behind Wei Wucai.

This time, she would treat it as taking revenge for the previous time.

“Youre ready, right” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai nodded, not seeming to mind it at all as he said, “Im ready.

You hurry up.

Given your weight, why would I need to prepare We still have to fetch the bride.

Dont think you can stop us just by delaying the time like this.”

Wei Wucai thought to himself, Seeing how thin and weak Yan Zhiqings figure is and how she isnt even that heavy, would I still need to prepare

He could not help but tsk in his heart.

These celebrities, they all kept exceptionally skinny figures just so that they could look good on camera.

At first, they appear to have around the same figure as that of normal people, but in fact, behind the camera, they were much skinnier compared to how they looked on-screen.

And Yan Zhiqing mainly acted in films.

The cinema screens were so wide, so Yan Zhiqing still looked normal on-screen, but she was really very skinny in real life.

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips and tsked at him.

He was clearly saying that she was skinny.

All girls liked to hear praises about them being skinny.

If other people were to say it, they would surely make a girl feel overjoyed.

But the same words coming out of Wei Wucais mouth just sounded so unflattering.

Yan Zhiqing scoffed, thinking to herself, You asked for it!

Yan Zhiqing jumped and lunged at Wei Wucais back.

Wei Wucai did not treat it seriously at first, yet he suddenly felt as if there was a mountain crashing down on him.

Wei Wucai almost collapsed on the floor from the weight.

“Ahem! Ahem, ahem!” Wei Wucai coughed from the heaviness bearing down on him and staggered quite a few times.

When Shi Xiaoya and the others saw that, their hearts jumped to their throats.

Seeing how Wei Wucai behaved, it looked as if he was going to throw Yan Zhiqing off any moment.

They quickly surrounded Wei Wucai.

If Yan Zhiqing really fell, they could still catch her in time.

“Ah!” Yan Zhiqing also screamed from Wei Wucais unstableness and punched him on the chest without holding back at all.

As she was leaning on Wei Wucais back, she could conveniently throw her hands over his shoulder.

Punching his chest hard was really way too convenient like this.

Wei Wucai bent right over from Yan Zhiqings punch, coughing even harder.

He had every reason to believe that Yan Zhiqing was seizing this chance to take revenge!

“You… Why are you so heavy!” Wei Wucai was the team leader of the Shadowless, after all, so he very quickly steadied himself.

But Yan Zhiqing was really heavy!

It was completely different from how she looked like.

Wei Wucai seriously suspected that Yan Zhiqing had hidden something on her body.

“We arent needed anymore now, then,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Wei Wucai and the others then saw Shi Xiaoya and the other girls lift up the hems of their dresses, revealing the thick sandbags tied to their calves.

They unfastened the sandbags, which slid down to the floor on their own and made deep, thudding sounds.

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