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Chapter 2522: Wei Wucai Would Be an Example

Lu Man nodded.

“Its delicious.”

Immediately after, Lu Man finished it in a few bites.

Han Zhuoli felt relieved.

Speaking of this, the egg that he had fried today was technically made by himself.

“You dont need to make complicated dishes.

When you have time, just make me breakfast, okay” said Lu Man.

“Okay,” answered Han Zhuoli happily.

He smiled while watching Lu Man eat the food he had made, and he felt an indescribable satisfaction.

Lu Man did not even need to mention it; he wanted to make Lu Man some more.

Han Zhuoli decided by himself that he would learn a few more dishes from Auntie He; he could not only know how to fry an egg.

Lu Man smiled while drinking her coffee.

“Eh, my husband can earn money to support the family, make food in the kitchen, and is even as beautiful as a flower.

How can my husband be so good He even dealt with everything that I can deal with; it feels like theres nothing for me to do.”

Han Zhuoli did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I have no problem with the first two compliments, but should you use the phraseas beautiful as a flower to describe me”

“Why not Youre just that good-looking.” Lu Man took a bite of her bread.

“Just by looking at your face, I can eat more.”

Han Zhuoli touched his own face.

His wife had complimented his appearance and he felt good.


After Han Zhuoli and Lu Man experienced separation during the coma, it was as if they went back to the days of being newlyweds after their wedding was finished.

They were very sweet to each other.

Their lives were comfortable.

Han Zhuoli had gotten rid of the days of being urged to get married and being hit by Old Mrs.

Han with the feather duster.

But the other bachelors were still fighting diligently to break free from the single life.

Wei Wucai would be an example.

As Yan Zhiqing had promised her grandma, she only needed to attend a few ambassador events during these two months of resting at home.

However, she had attended todays ambassador event to claim her position as the ambassador of a jewelry brand.

This brand had not opened any actual stores in the country, but it had always been famous overseas.

It was popular for its quality and was one of the top jewelry brands.

Many royalties from other countries were usual customers of this brand.

Because of its high price, with one ordinary diamond ring having a price of more than 100,000, it was not known by many among the ordinary people in the country.

However, this could not stop the local tycoons in the country from buying it outside the country.

Due to this, this brand was finally looking at the huge market in this country.

They decided to be more humble.

To make the brand well-known in the country, they had chosen among many celebrities in the country.

Firstly, the celebrity must be internationally known.

The brand considered itself as high-class.

And so, they couldnt choose a celebrity whose name was unknown internationally.

This would be like dragging down their standards.

Secondly, the celebrity must have an impressive reputation and fanbase as well as appeal to random people.

To expand the brand to this country, they required a celebrity who has a reputation and a huge fanbase as well as high popularity in the country.

These requirements were difficult.

This was because the celebrities that were internationally known were movie stars.

These movie stars were already highly ranked in the country.

However, this meant that such a celebrity would be far away from the audience.

It would be difficult for that celebrity to appear down-to-earth.

Although the celebrity would be of a high enough rank, that celebrity would not be able to promote the brand effectively.

Therefore, the brand wanted the new ambassador to not only be famous internationally and locally but also be likable to everyone.

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