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Chapter 2564: Wouldnt They Be Chasing After Him

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Han Zhuoling had been talking to Shi Xiaoya.

Why did she chime in for nothing

Han Zhuoling did not even care about her and only smiled at Shi Xiaoya.

“Ill get going first.

Call me once youre done here.”

“Mm.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

She stared as Han Zhuoling walked off into the distance and slowly disappeared among the crowd before she retracted her gaze.

“Xiaoya, we are really so surprised.

We didnt expect that you would actually end up with Young Master Ling.” Yuan Ailins voice was crisp and clear.

She even had a sweet smile on her face, which would make people think that she was a frank and easygoing lady.

But when it came to the people in this social circle, which one would be a simple character

It was the same even for Shi Xiaoya.

She did not harm people or scheme against others, but other people could also forget about trying to scheme against her easily.

Since she could protect herself from getting schemed against, this showed that Shi Xiaoya was very smart to begin with.

So, Shi Xiaoya also never got deceived by her classmates superficial demeanors and had been cautious deep down all along.

Shi Xiaoya also never felt that Yuan Ailin was as frank and easygoing as she appeared to be on the surface.

From the time she started going to school, there were also quite a lot of people whom she had schemed against.

Shi Xiaoya then smiled and said, “Its not just you, even I didnt expect it myself.”

Shen Mujing pulled Shi Xiaoyas hand and asked, “Xiaoya, how did you get to know Young Master Ling”

Anyway, it was no secret, so Shi Xiaoya said frankly, “When we were on set at the filming for the show, Survivor.”

Actually, it was even earlier.

To put it more accurately, it was because of Lu Man that she got to know Han Zhuoling.

The time when she first met Han Zhuoling was way earlier than when they met on Survivor.

But in this way, wasnt it akin to telling people that as long as you had a good relationship with Lu Man, you would be able to get to know the people in the eight great families

It would not be good if she gave Lu Man trouble and let so many people run over to find her just because of the ulterior motives they harbored.

So Shi Xiaoya did not tell the truth and just told them the answer that everyone thought was true.

Indeed, Yuan Ailin and the others did not suspect anything; or at least, they did not appear to.

In the first place, how they got to know each other was not a very important matter anyway, so they could not harp on this topic for long.

“But we really didnt expect that you would find a man whos much older and who had even gotten divorced once before,” Luo Qingxian said.

By leaving out Han Zhuoling as the subject, just listening to her words alone made it sound as if this mans qualities really were not very good.

If people who did not know heard those words, it would sound as if Shi Xiaoya went to find an old, divorced man to get married with.

Shi Xiaoya maintained a smile on her face.

She thought to herself, You all dare to say these words right now, but will you actually dare to say the same things in front of Han Zhuoling

Putting that aside, if it were them and they were asked, would they be willing to be together with Han Zhuoling if they had the chance

Wouldnt they be chasing after him

How awesome that theyd even ask her now why she would choose an old man who had even gotten a divorce before.

Their double standards were really something.

So that was why Shi Xiaoya did not like to attend any class gatherings.

They were all hypocrites.

It was impossible to truly be friends with them.

Speaking to them alone felt tiring.

After hearing them say one sentence, she would have to think through it repeatedly in her mind.

If not, she would end up getting tricked.

Every time after the gathering, Shi Xiaoya would feel as if she had just finished an arduous exam, her brain feeling extremely exhausted.

Shi Xiaoya just said directly, “Zhuolings age gap with me isnt that big.

Anyway, if he hadnt gotten a divorce, I wont even have been fated to meet him.

“Speaking of that, you are actually the first one to say this to me, how I have chosen an old and divorced man.” Shi Xiaoya was smiling so innocently as she said, “I just didnt expect that in other peoples eyes, Zhuoling and I actually looked like such a pair”

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