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Chapter 2635: Framed

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The two went upstairs.

Shi Xiaoya saw two familiar faces, Yuan Yina and Ling Xiaoen.

Ling Xiaoen looked like she was still waiting while Yuan Yina had just come out from the room.

“Xiaoya!” Ling Xiaoen saw Shi Xiaoya and walked over.

“I heard that youre also being interviewed for the position of the crews makeup artist.”

“Yes.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Brother Shi Feng and Brother Duan are also here”

“Theyre here.

They were in front of me, so they left after the interview.

I am still waiting for my turn,” explained Ling Xiaoen, smiling.

“Yo, Xiaoya.

Why are you only here now Youre very late.” Yuan Yina saw Shi Xiaoya and immediately came over to taunt her.

During the preliminary, everyone had been given a different time slot.

Even though it took a very long time to do makeup, because Wu Mosen did not have much time, they were only given a maximum of 15 minutes.

So it meant that everyone did not come at the same time but arrived according to their own time slot.

However, everyone had arrived early just in case.

While they were waiting, there would be a staff member coming to call their names.

Yuan Yina and Ling Xiaoen had a later time slot, so when they heard Shi Xiaoyas name being called, they knew Shi Xiaoya was absent.

Shi Xiaoya said flatly, “Went into some trouble on the way here.”

“What trouble can cause you to be so late You even dare to come late during this important occasion; looks like you really do not see this opportunity as something important.” Although Yuan Yina was taunting Shi Xiaoya, her words were filled with jealousy.

“But it makes sense.

You have Han Zhuoling, so of course you dont value this.

Actually, even if you came, youre just putting on an act.

If you really wanted to join, you could have just asked Han Zhuoling to say a word and you would be accepted immediately; you wouldnt even need to attend the interview to compete with others,” said Yuan Yina in a queer way.

“If you truly dont value this interview, I know why.”

Shi Xiaoya frowned and was just about to speak when she heard someone say, “Who is Ling Xiaoen”

The three of them looked over and saw a staff member holding a name list.

The staff member must be here to inform Ling Xiaoen to enter the room to be interviewed.

The assistant looked at Shi Xiaoya.

Her cold expression was accompanied by a tinge of disdain.

Shi Xiaoya guessed that the assistant had heard everything that Yuan Yina said.

Shi Xiaoyas back was facing the assistant, so she did not even know when the assistant came over.

But Yuan Yina clearly saw, so she had said those words on purpose.

Saying these to an assistant was useless.

The assistants opinion of Shi Xiaoya could not affect anything.

But what if the assistant told other people

What if Wu Mosen also heard it from the assistant

It would definitely leave a bad impression.

Even if Shi Xiaoya managed to join because of Han Zhuoling…

Because of the bad impression, this would not be beneficial to Shi Xiaoya.

It was very possible that Shi Xiaoya would fail to reach an international level because of this.

Ling Xiaoen smiled at Shi Xiaoya.

“Im going in.

Lets chat later when I come out.”

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Ling Xiaoen followed the assistant and entered the room.

Shi Xiaoya stared at Yuan Yina coldly.

“Do you think you can set me up this way” Shi Xiaoya scoffed..

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