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Chapter 2713: Even My Brain Moves Much Slower

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So, Du Yiqin said, “Weve already eaten quite a bit anyway.

Well just talk for the rest of the time.

If you guys are busy, you should go.

There are still many opportunities to meet next time.

The two elders can also return and rest early.”

Han Zhuoling said, “If thats so, we will leave first.

You all can stay here to eat and talk.

No rush.”

“Okay,” said Old Mrs.


“You guys go first.”

Old Mrs.

Han watched from the side and felt that it was not a matter of business.

Or else, Lu Mans and Shi Xiaoyas expressions would not have changed.

They did not care about Han Zhuolings and Han Zhuolis business matters.

Anyway, no matter what happened, if the young people did not want to talk about it, then they should go and deal with it themselves.

Du Yiqin also saw through it, but she just went with the flow.

It must be mentioned that no matter if it was Shi Xiaoyas family or Lu Mans family, the members of these two families, which were families by marriage, were all sensible people.

It was a blessing to the Han Family to have families by marriage like them.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli excused themselves and left with Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuolis place was nearer to Sheng Yue, so the four went to Han Zhuolis house first.

Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He saw that the four came back with a heavy heart, and they knew that something serious had happened.

Han Zhuoli said, “Go rest first, no need to worry about us.”

The two nodded.

Since Han Zhuoli had said so, the two would not linger around here.

Lu Man wanted to make some tea, but she was stopped by Han Zhuoli.

“You should stop.

Let me do it.”

“Its fine,” said Han Zhuoling.

“We arent in the mood to drink tea.”

“To discuss and handle matters, we cannot avoid talking and will get thirsty,” said Lu Man.

She sat down and let Han Zhuoli do it.

While they were on the way, Han Zhuoling had already ordered people to find out who had broken the news.

The person had used a minor account.

Besides, they might not be the mastermind.

It was very possible that they were bribed by someone else to send the message.

But no matter what, they had to continue to search.

“Big Brother, there is still no news of your search.

Lets control the rumors online first,” said Lu Man.

She looked down at her phone, saw the comments online, and said, “Xiaoya, I dont think you should look at the comments online now, and you shouldnt say anything now either.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded, thinking that even if she could handle it, she did not want to look for hurtful comments that criticized her.

Lu Man tapped her finger on the coffee table, waiting for Han Zhuoli to bring the tea.

Lu Man said, frustrated, “Now that Im pregnant, even my brain moves much slower.”

“Should we try Wei Zilin” suggested Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling shook his head.

“Hes in charge of public relations.

Its different from this.

Think slowly, dont need to rush.”

Lu Man nodded as she searched all the related news online.

Then she contacted Eight Skin Entertainment.

“Do you know any information about the account that broke the news”

“I really dont know,” said Eight Skin Entertainment.

“The owner did not come to me.

Perhaps since were very close, they didnt dare to come to me.

After this news broke out, I sent people to get information about this account.”


Let me know if you have any news.

Thanks a lot,” said Lu Man.

“Haih, youre welcome.”

Lu Man thought for a while and said, “When you announced the news of your marriage today, it was around noon..”

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