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Chapter 2771: Thinking About It, It Feels Scary

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Shi Xiaoya could guess what Tong Chunian was thinking, but she did not mention it.

Instead, she asked, “Why do you call me… Madam all of a sudden”

She felt uncomfortable hearing it.

She even felt uncomfortable saying it herself.

“Isnt this because youre married to Young Master Ling now” answered Tong Chunian.

“It sounds awkward.” Shi Xiaoya felt that she was quite close to Tong Chunian.

Usually, when she went to find Han Zhuoling, she also interacted a lot with Tong Chunian.

So the two were close to each other.

“You can just call me by my name like before.” After Shi Xiaoya finished saying this, she looked at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling did not have any objection and nodded his head, saying to Tong Chunian, “Its more natural.”

Shi Xiaoya knew that Tong Chunian was not just simply a subordinate to Han Zhuoling.

He had followed Han Zhuoling for so many years, and Han Zhuoling had let Tong Chunian deal with all kinds of matters.

Tong Chunian was also very loyal to Han Zhuoling.

Even though he knew quite a few personal matters about Han Zhuoling, he had never told anyone anything before.

Tong Chunian was one of the people that Han Zhuoling trusted the most.

Their relationship was not simply just superior and subordinate.

Tong Chunian said readily, “Okay.”

“Youre interrupted by me.

Continue,” said Shi Xiaoya immediately.

Tong Chunian said, “This happened at 5:35.

At 5:45, the police received a call and rushed to the scene.

They spent some time confirming the identity, and through the surveillance cameras, they have confirmed that the one driving was Lian Qingyin.

From the evaluation results of the forensics, the dead person was indeed Lian Qingyin.

“There is no evidence regarding the driver,” said Tong Chunian.

“But I think… Young Master Ling, is this related to Black Market”

They had just leaked the news to Black Market.

And after half an hour, Lian Qingyin was dead

Tong Chunian thought even more than that.

“From the time Black Market received the news to the time Lian Qingyin died in the car accident, it had only been half an hour.

Black Market moves too quickly!” said Tong Chunian as he took a deep breath.

“From the surveillance cameras, it seemed that truck had been ready for very long, or else there wouldnt have been such a coincidence.

They had clearly spotted Lian Qingyin and timed it perfectly to crash into her car.

Besides, that driver rushed into another car after getting out of the truck.

That car had been parked by the roadside since the start, waiting.”

Tong Chunian took a deep breath.

“Thinking about it, it feels scary.

This setup has such perfect timing, but its only completed in a mere half an hour.

This Black Market…”

How much power did they have

“It might not be so,” said Han Zhuoling.

Tong Chunian waited for Han Zhuoling to solve his confusion.

Han Zhuoling said, “When Black Market found out that Lian Qingyin had been brought to the police station and Lawyer Hu, who was sent there, was not chosen by Lian Qingyin, Black Market had already decided to get rid of Lian Qingyin.

“They could not ensure that Lian Qingyin would keep her mouth sealed for them.

The only thing that could put them at ease was the death of Lian Qingyin.

Black Market had never gotten into trouble even though they were in this line of work.

Other than having strict management and controlling all the members tightly, they ensured that through this kind of method.

“Or else, given how selfish they were, why would they keep their mouths shut for Black Market They would rather stay in jail their whole lives than betray Black Market, but actually, they were just scared of death,” said Han Zhuoling after analyzing it..

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