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Chapter 2772: Wanted to Hurt Others but Ended Up Hurting Herself

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“Theyd have no freedom for their whole lives, but at least theyd still be alive.

“When Lian Qingyin rejected Lawyer Hu, who had been sent by Black Market, Black Market had already decided that Lian Qingyin had betrayed them,” said Han Zhuoling.

Now Tong Chunian knew why Han Zhuoling had sent Lawyer Wang.

Lian Qingyin also knew that Lawyer Wang was a famous lawyer.

A lawyer like him would have clients lining up to wait for him.

He was so busy that he would not care about Lian Qingyins case.

In Lian Qingyins situation, even if she had managed to contact Lawyer Wangs students, Lawyer Wang would reject her saying he had no time.

But in such a short time, Lian Qingyin could contact Lawyer Wang and even made him her attorney.

Because everything was urgent, Lian Qingyin did not think twice.

Lawyer Wang was so hard to call, so how did she manage to get him there with one try

Of course, if Lian Qingyin could think carefully, she would have known.

But she did not have this chance anymore.

After all, she was already dead, so she could no longer think.

Tong Chunian knew that Lawyer Wang would agree to take on Lian Qingyin, and he had arrived at the police station in such a short time because Han Zhuoling had contacted him beforehand.

Lawyer Wang did not care about Lian Qingyin, but he could not ignore Han Zhuoling.

However, Han Zhuoling would not make Lawyer Wang do something that would breach his professional standards or cause a license suspension.

He should do anything that he saw fit as a lawyer.

He did not need to fake anything during his work.

Han Zhuoling only needed Lawyer Wang to ensure that the lawyer sent by Black Market would not stay.

It would be best if Lian Qingyin would send that lawyer away by herself.

It was just as Han Zhuoling had expected.

Black Market passed their messages to the suspects through lawyers.

But regardless of whether his guess was correct, he had made the necessary preparations beforehand.

Luckily, the result was good and was expected by him.

Lawyer Wang did not breach his professional standards and had done his best as Lian Qingyins attorney.

At the same time, he made Black Market misunderstand Lian Qingyins intentions.

He killed two birds with one stone, and it was done perfectly.

It was because Han Zhuoling made Lawyer Wang stick to being Lian Qingyins lawyer that Black Market had misunderstood Lian Qingyins intentions.

Lian Qingyins death seemed to have an influence on Tong Chunians and Shi Xiaoyas mood.

Han Zhuoling said, “If Lian Qingyin had not contacted Black Market with the intention of hurting others, she would not have been stuck with a time bomb like Black Market.

She wanted to hurt others but ended up hurting herself.”

Tong Chunian exhaled.

He had thought it through.

Shi Xiaoya was also not a saint.

Lian Qingyins death was sudden.

She was shocked.

But when she thought about how Lian Qingyin had wanted her dead before and looking at her pervertedly paranoid personality…

Lian Qingyin would not have quit until she was dead.

Now, Lian Qingyin had gotten a taste of her own medicine, and Shi Xiaoya did not know what to say.

She did not feel happy; after all, Lian Qingyin died at such a young age.

But she did not feel sad for Lian Qingyin.

However, Shi Xiaoya could not sleep now.

So she got out of bed with Han Zhuoling.

As for how Black Market wanted to handle the aftermath, Han Zhuoling did not care.

Two days ago, on the day they got their marriage certificate, that unpleasant rumor appeared online.

Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoli, and Lu Man had left earlier, and they were not able to sit down together properly with the elders.

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