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Chapter 2801: Look at This Place.

Its Fine, Right

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“I know.” Jiang Yujie chuckled.

“Now that weve all opened up, you definitely wont think that I did it for the money.

While I was with Lu Qiyuan, there were many things that I could not control and avoid.

However, when I didnt need to use his money, I really didnt use it.

“Besides, as long as it has something to do with you guys, like the house that Im renting or the car that I am driving now, I paid for it from my own pocket.

I know that you do not want to touch his money, so I wont do that as well,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Alright, stop talking about that,” said Mr.

Jiang before looking at Mrs.


“The past is in the past.

We wont overthink anymore when it comes to Yujie.

Yujie is a good kid.

Whats there not to believe”


Jiang nodded.

“Yujie, dont mind me.

I didnt mean to doubt you…”

Jiang Yujie did not mind and said, “You guys dont need to be too careful, I dont care at all.

Whatever you want to ask or feel like you dont understand, just ask.

If youre too careful, I will feel… uncomfortable.

Im just afraid that you will not be able to forget that thing…”

“No!” said Mr.

Jiang hurriedly.

“Your mom and I are just overthinking, causing us not to let go of it.”


Jiang was afraid that the more they said regarding this, the more tangled it would become, so she immediately changed the topic.

“I think that even after Lu Qiyuan is caught, we should still move houses.”


Jiang asked Mr.

Jiang, “What do you think”


Jiang nodded.

“Its better to move.

We know why Yujie did it, but others dont.

Even if they knew, they wont understand and would instead judge, being wise after the fact.

Yujie has made such a huge sacrifice.

We cant let her suffer from those judgments after she returns home.”

“Yes.” Mrs.

Jiang nodded.

Jiang Yujie saw that Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had both made up their minds, so she said, “Fine, we can talk about it later.

When Lu Qiyuan enters jail, we can come back and pack up thoroughly, then put our house up for sale.

Its just… house prices fluctuate every day at present.

Even if we sold the house, we dont know if wed be able to buy another house.”

“We can talk about that later.

Anyway, we cant go back there to stay.” Mr.

Jiang was dead set on this.

“Even if we cant buy one, we can still rent a house.

It doesnt matter.

We cant stay there and suffer.”

Jiang Yujie knew that Mr.

Jiang was doing this for her.

She smiled and nodded.


Jiang Yujie brought Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang to the house that she rented.

Jiang Yujie had been setting it up secretly.

Although she had already planned this from the start, because she could only set it up secretly, she could not do it quickly.

The time it took to set it up was very long.

Bit by bit, the results accumulated.

It was a house that was rented last minute, but it was decorated to be very warm by Jiang Yujie.

After entering, Jiang Yujie smiled and said, “Dad, Mom, look at this place.

Its fine, right”

“Very good, very good,” said Mrs.

Jiang, smiling.

“Although its rented and is not our own house, the environment here is much better than at our own house.”


Jiang also nodded in agreement.

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“This compound is new.

I have asked around and made comparisons for some time before choosing this place.

Although the location is not the best, the garden and the pond here are set up nicely.

Most importantly, the security here is good.

Non-residents are not allowed to enter the compound..”

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