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Chapter 2863: Their Joy Could Be Heard from Their Voice

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She did not expect He Zhengbai to bring Sun Jingfei home.

‘When Lu Qi saw that He Zhengbais car stopped in front of the house of the He family, she glared at He Zhengbai.

She did not expect that He Zhengbai and Sun Jingfei were already at the stage of seeing each others parents.

Lu Qi sat in the car as the corner of her mouth and one side of her face twitched continuously.

She was furious.

He Zhengbai had not divorced her yet, but he dared to bring this b*tch home.

Its true there were no feelings between her and He Zhengbai.

After they married, they lived their own lives.

However, previously, Lu Qi really had feelings for He Zhengbai.

Or else, why would she have tried everything to marry him

She did not hesitate to use Lu Qiyuans money to please the He family, and she even put her own mother in prison to absolve He Zhengbai.

All these were done so that she could marry He Zhengbai!

Even at the beginning of her marriage with He Zhengbai, Lu Qi had hoped to spend a good life with him.

She wanted to be lovey-dovey with He Zhengbai.

She did not expect He Zhengbai to turn his back on her after they got married.

It was He Zhengbai who wronged her first, leaving her behind and flirting with other women.

Since it was He Zhengbai who was not loyal first, how could he make her stay at home naively

After they got married, she was not able to even see He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi did not know that He Zhengbai was already bringing Sun Jingfei home.

He Zhengbai was in a rush to divorce her so that he could marry Sun Jingfei.


Lu Qi sneered.

She would not let He Zhengbai have his way so easily.

Even if she could not prevent He Zhengbai from divorcing her, she would not just give it to him that easily.

He wanted to marry Sun Jingfei

She wanted to see if Sun Jingfei knew that she was He Zhengbais wife.

If Sun Jingfei did not know, it meant that she had been deceived by the He family, so the Sun family would definitely not let He Zhengbai off the hook.

The He family had big dreams, targeting the Sun family.

The Sun family could not make them go bankrupt immediately like what the Han Family did to the Xia family.

However, they could still make the He family suffer.

If Sun Jingfei knew.


Lu Qi sneered.

Since Sun Jingfei was shameless, she would bring shame to her and show everyone!

Lu Qi took out her phone and took pictures of He Zhengbai holding Sun Jingfeis waist and bringing her into the He residence.

Awhile after the two had entered, Lu Qi got out of the car.

She had the key card to He familys house.

‘The He residence could be opened by fingerprint or by card.

Originally, the He residence had her fingerprint in the system.

However, after Lu Qi moved out, she wasnt certain whether the He family had cleared her fingerprint or not.

Luckily, Lu Qi was careful and had taken a key card.

As Sun Jingfei was inside now, if she pressed the doorbell, the helpers of the He family would definitely not let her in.

If she could not enter, how could she reach her goal

So now, Lu Qi took out the He familys key card from her bag and entered after swiping the card.

Lu Qi purposely trod softly.

‘There was some distance from the foyer to the living room, so when Lu Qi entered, she was not found out.

From the foyer, Lu Qi could hear talking voices from inside.

He Zhengbais parents were clearly laughing.

‘Their joy could even be heard from their voice; it was not a laughter of courtesy.

It seemed like they were very satisfied with Sun Jingfei..

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