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Chapter 2871: Like Jumping into a Fire Pit

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A girl able to stand up for herself Thats totally his taste!

“Get the h*ll out of here!” Yang Lin raged.

She couldnt let He Zhengbai strike Lu Qi.

How could He Zhengbais true colors be exposed before Sun Jingfei

Hence, Yang Lin moved first.

“Youve been hanging onto Zhengbai since a long time ago, causing others to misunderstand.

And now youre even trying to destroy Zhengbais chance to finally get married

“We didnt speak ill of you to others even when you were pestering Zhengbai.

What about you Is this how you repay us” Yang Lins face was one of grievance.

“Ive really opened my eyes today.” Lu Qi had never seen such a shameless person!

“Your whole family is just a bunch of shameless jerks!” Lu Qi pointed at Yang Lin.

“And you were actually good friends with Xia Qingwei since childhood.

Because of this, He Zhengbai then met and eventually got together with Lu Man.

But when Xia Qingwei fell from grace, you eagerly drew the line

between the two of you, afraid shed come to you for money.

“You even allowed He Zhengbai to hurt Lu Man like that.

He Zhengbai truly inherited his brazenness from you.” Lu Qi sneered.

Eyes narrowing, Yang Lin rebuked, “Have you forgotten who made Xia Qingwei fall from grace Who…”

Who stole He Zhengbai from Lu Man

But Yang Lin suddenly remembered she was insisting that Lu Qi was the one pestering He Zhengbai.

That He Zhengbai was not related to Lu Qi in any way.

If she said Lu Qi snatched He Zhengbai from Lu Mans hands, wouldnt she be contradicting herself

So Yang Lin barely stopped herself.

But Lu Qi didnt have any qualms.

Someone had to go down tonight; its either her or them.

She didnt shy away from the details of what she did.

She could spill whatever the He family didnt dare to.

“Finish your sentence! Why are you afraid to” Lu Qi sneered, speaking shrilly.

“Did you wish to say it was me who stole He Zhengbai from Lu Man Why Did you remember what you said previously and realize youd be contradicting yourself

“Thats right, my mom was the third party who pushed Xia Qingwei out of the way, and I did the same to Lu Man.” Lu Qi spoke without restraint.

She looked at Sun Jingfei, raising her brow.

“So youve got to be careful.

This woman can abandon her childhood friend at will and avoid her faster than a dog just because she doesnt have any more use to her.”

Yang Lin was enraged.

Lu Qi was saying she was a dog!

“This man has been lying to you all along!” Lu Qi continued.

“All for your familys money.

The He family took all of our familys money, and now theyre here for yours.

If you marry him, itd be like jumping into a fire pit.

“Twas really blind back then.

Had I known he was such a sly bast*rd, I wouldnt have taken a liking to him!”

Hearing Lu Qis disdain for her son, Yang Lin rebutted angrily, “Who do you think you are, thinking our Zhengbai will like you”

“Ha! You guys just look in the mirror and reflect upon yourselves first!” Lu Qi scorned.

Lu Qi pointed at He Zhengbai, then at Yang Lin, before saying to Sun Jingfei, “Look at them now! Arent they ugly”

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