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Chapter 2899 What Are You Suspecting

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“Even if he wakes up, he will be severely injured and wont be able to even move in bed.

He wont even be able to recover fully.

Its uncertain whether he will be able to get off the bed.

Hes already paralyzed.

Will he still

go to jail” He Qingyang had thought it through.

It was also good that He Zhengbai was in this state.

He could just push everything to He Zhengbai.

Anyway, in He Zhengbais current state, he would not be able to serve his sentence.

Or else, it would be really troublesome if He Zhengbai backed out completely after he succeeded, and the police started to investigate them.

Hearing what He Qingyang said, the assistant knew that He Qingyang meant what he said.

“Fine, I know what to say now,” said the assistant, then he hung up.

After He Qingyang hung up, his expression was plain.

After returning to Yang Lin, he did not mention this to her.

Yang Lin looked at He Qingyang, full of doubts.

“What is it I heard it.

What did you get found out for”

“Nothing, its work,” said He Qingyang unclearly.

“Its not about Lu Qis case” Yang Lin looked at He Qingyang, full of suspicion.

If this was before, Yang Lin would not have doubted He Qingyangs words.

However, she witnessed the heartlessness of He Qingyang and He Zhengsong today.

So she really doubted He Qingyangs words, not believing him.

“Of course not,” said He Qingyang immediately, frowning.

“What are you suspecting”

Yang Lin pursed her lips.

Of course she suspected that He Qingyang betrayed He Zhengbai for his own sake.

Yang Lin showed her thoughts on her face.

Surprisingly, He Qingyang did not try to come up with excuses.


Given what the assistant said, combined with the bloodstain on the remains of his pants, He Zhengbai was a huge suspect.

As long as He Zhengbai was not awake, he could not be questioned.

However, the police could come for He Qingyang first.

Regarding this, He Qingyang expressed, “My assistant already told me that its He Zhengbai who went straight to him.

Zhengbai overrode me and asked my assistant to run errands for him.

Because of me, the assistant

never rejects him.”

The police asked, “Your assistant wont even report to you first before helping He Zhengbai run errands”

As He Zhengbais father, the police did not believe that He Qingyang was clueless about He Zhengbais matter.

Who was he lying to!

“Ever since Zhengbai was still going to school, he has always asked the assistant for help.

In the beginning, my assistant would still tell me, but when it became frequent, I told my assistant that as long as its not

something big, just do it for him.

If the assistant felt that its not really a good idea, he would tell me.

“This time, Zhengbai said he wanted to rent that sample house.

Its not something difficult to do, so the assistant agreed without telling me,” said He Qingyang.

The police took a few glances at He Qingyang and asked, “Dont you feel strange about the reason He Zhengbai wanted to rent that kind of sample house Hes the son of a rich family.

What was he renting that for Isnt

it strange Did the assistant not feel weirded out and tell you”

He Qingyang said with a serious face, “Thats because Zhengbai is a director.

He studied to be a director in the National Film Academy, then he studied postgraduate.

Now, he has finished his postgraduate and started

directing movies.

“Hes a director, and shooting films may require various settings.

So when Zhengbai said that he wanted to rent a sample house, the assistant thought that its for shooting a film.

Thats why he did not feel that it was

strange,” said He Qingyang..

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