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Chapter 2916 Inconvenient for Me to Stay Any Longer

But she knew this was just her excuse.

Because she couldnt bear to leave, she kept finding reasons to stay.

But she knew she had to leave.

Excuses were just that, excuses.

In her heart, she knew she couldnt lie to herself anymore.

She didnt wish to leave yet, and shed keep making up excuses to let herself stay.

Until she had exhausted all options.

Jiang Yujie felt she shouldnt continue like this.

She had to leave.

Otherwise, her holding on without end would make everyone feel worse.

She was afraid Jiang Huaizhou would come to know her past deeds, the ones she couldnt face.


and Mrs.

Jiang keeping mum was not enough.

As long as she was living in B City, it was likely to bump into someone who knew what she had done.

And with Jiang Huaizhous improving career, he was bound to meet more people, among which someone would have known her.

How could she face Jiang Huaizhou at that time

Its better for her to leave.

Even if Jiang Huaizhou found out the truth then, at least she wouldnt have to face him and the subsequent consequence, nor would she have to know that he knew.

She might be burying her head in the sand, but she didnt know what else to do.

Moreover, every time she saw how Mr.

Jiang got anxious like he was facing an enemy whenever she and Jiang Huaizhou got physically closer…

Jiang Yujie thought it was time that she left.

Hence, Jiang Yujie kept tossing and turning on her bed, unable to fall asleep.

Every time she closed her eyes, all she could think of was the life she had with Jiang Huaizhou.

She pinched the small red heart between her fingers, as if grasping her heart within her palm.

Jiang Yujie heaved a long sigh.

A sleepless night.

The next day, she left as usual.

But she went to Shi Xiaoyas office to grab her luggage.

Because she had nowhere else to go.

There were many old nighbors at the Jiang familys original home, and tongues wag.

Itd be bad were her actions to be seen and told to her family.

With no other choice, she had turned to Lu Man.

She asked if there was anywhere for her to put her luggage.

Even if temporarily.

Its much cheaper than booking a hotel room for such a long duration.

Lu Man had seen her at her lowest.

Hence, Jiang Yujie had nothing to hide from


Lu Man was tight-lipped.

Shed never spill secrets that werent hers.

So Jiang Yujie trusted her fully.

She told Lu Man her plans.

“You finally got your brother out, and now youre leaving Have you ever considered your brother might feel guilty” Lu Man asked.

No matter what, the thought of a girl alone and far away from home was rather heart-wrenching.

Jiang Yujie had already suffered so much.

Now that Jiang Huaizhou was finally freed, Lu Man thought Jiang Yujie could relax at last.

Who knew so many things had happened

“Ill just say Im working overseas,” Jiang Yujie replied.

“I wont let them feel guilty about me.

Its inconvenient for me to stay at home any longer.

“Firstly, Im scared my brother would find out what Ive done in the past.

Though Mom and Dad wont say a thing, someone in this city is bound to know what happened, and I cant guarantee my brother can be kept in the dark forever.”

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