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Chapter 2981 Its Unfortunate That Youre Not a Detective

Although she did not drink much, a person like her who had terrible tolerance would still be affected no matter how little she drank.

So Yan Zhiqing wanted to drink some milk to relieve it.

Just as she inserted the straw inside, she heard Fang Qiaohan ask, “Thats not right.

If he has his own work, your crews meal would have had nothing to do with him.

You said just now that hes with you, so it means that he attended the get-together with you guys.”

“…” Yan Zhiqing looked at her weakly.

“Its unfortunate that youre not a detective.

Your attentiveness and wit are wasted.”

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

“Hehe, youre so good at making jokes,” said Fang Qiaohan, putting on a fake smile.

She could not help but think about when she first became Yan Zhiqings assitant; she had felt perturbed inside.

Yan Zhiqings background had not been hidden.

Although it was not to the point where everyone knew, those who knew a little about the entertainment industry or those who searched Yan Zhiqing online would know

Yan Zhiqings background and family members were all written clearly there.

That was such a luxurious lineup.

Fang Qiaohan felt that a girl who was born into a rich family and was a celebrity would definitely be arrogant.

She had even prepared for Yan Zhiqing to have a bad temper.

She wanted to try and see if Yan Zhiqings temper was bearable.

However, after following Yan Zhiqing, she found to her surprise that Yan Zhiqings personality was not very soft.

After all, not everyone who was soft was easy to be bullied.

If she was easy to be bullied, she would not have the success she had now.

Yan Zhiqing was not to be trifled with, but that did not mean that her temper was bad.

On the contrary.

As long as something did not cross the line, she did not really care, and she was someone who did not worry about trivial matters.

Although Fang Qiaohan was her assistant, due to Yan Zhiqings personality, the two did not feel distant at all.

Together, they were like colleagues and friends.

Yan Zhiqing did not treat Fang Qiaohan like an outsider.

She was willing to share everything with Fang Qiaohan.

Or else, Fang Qiaohan would not have known about the love-hate relationship between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

However, Fang Qiaohan knew her limits.

Whether it was business or private matters, she felt natural and unbounded when spending time with Yan Zhiqing.

But she would not be forgetful and have no self-awareness just because of that.

However, when she needed to ask Yan Zhiqing something, Fang Qiaohan would not hold back.

About something innocuous, Fang Qiaohan would ask until she got to the end of it.

However, without needing Fang Qiaohan to ask, Yan Zhiqing started talking herself.

Anyway, even if she did not say it, Fang Qioahan would see Wei Wucai when she joined the crew tomrrow.

So Yan Zhiqing said, “Hes also part of the crew.”

This time, it was Fang Qiaohans turn to be dumbstruck.

“What do you mean” Fang Qiaohan sat next to Yan Zhiqing.


Its your movies crew”

Yan Zhiqing nodded uncomfortably.


I, too, only found out tonight.

That Ledepic More special effects company is his.”

“He… he is Ledepic Mores boss” Fang Qiaohan could not believe it.

This was too extraordinary.

“Wei Wucai is too low-key.” Fang Qiaohan felt that she needed to get to know this world all over again.

“Didnt you say that Luo Qingxian looked down on him before Now, if Luo Qingxian finds out about this, wont she feel so regretful”

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