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Chapter 3019 Who Rang the Doorbell at Such a Late Time

“But perhaps because I had rested and hadnt gone out to work for too long, Im a little not used to it.

It has nothing to do with the people I am working with.”

Shi Xiaoya was a little down and said in a listless manner, “And because youre not by my side, I miss you.”

After she said that, Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuoling give a warm smile from the other side of the screen.

Shi Xiaoya held her chin.

Guo Yujie was showering in the bathroom, so Shi Xiaoya dared to say this without worrying about Guo Yujie hearing it.

“I had been with you all this time; now that were suddenly separated, I am not used to it,” said Shi Xiaoya, holding her chin.

So getting used to it was a terrifying thing.

When she was single, she was not like that.

Besides, she could not imagine herself missing a person so much while she was working outside.

Her current state was similar to the first time she left home to attend community life when she was young

During that time, a summer camp had been organized by the school.

She had to live outside for two weeks.

It was when she was graduating from primary school.

Shi Xiaoya had been spoiled by the Shi family since she was young.

From her parents to her elder brother, they all spoiled her.

So during that summer camp, Shi Xiaoya felt really homesick.

During the first two nights, she even secretly cried under the blanket.

She missed the atmosphere at home.

She missed the fun of sitting together with her parents and elder brother.

Now, Shi Xiaoya had the feelings that she had back then.

She missed Han Zhuoling and wanted to be with him.

She missed his voice and his presence.

Shi Xiaoya looked down and silently took a deep breath to hide her frustration.

She did not dare to let Han Zhuoling see.

She was worried that he would be sad.

Shi Xiaoya took a deep breath and managed her emotions.

Suddenly, she noticed that Han Zhuoling was moving.

But she could not see the background clearly.

The whole screen was filled by Han Zhuoling.

Even if a little bit of the background was shown through the gaps, she could not see it clearly.

In addition, the screen was shaking, so she could not see it.

Shi Xiaoya asked, “Youre not at home now”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Im still outside.”

Shi Xiaoya had never suspected that Han Zhuoling would do anything behind her back.

So even though it was pretty late, she had no suspicions about why Han Zhuoling was still outside at such a late time.

Han Zhuoling did not need to explain what he was doing outside or where he was.

If it was another person, such unclear words would definitely make others overthink.

But Shi Xiaoya did not overthink.

After hearing what Han Zhuoling said, Shi Xiaoya asked, “You just got off work You worked overtime for so long again Did you eat dinner on time”

Without waiting for Han Zhuoling to answer, Shi Xiaoya said, “I was not around for only a day and your lifestyle is already messed up.” How could she be at ease about working outside alone if its like this

Han Zhuoling did not find a chance to answer.

Hearing that Shi Xiaoya kept asking questions, he just smiled.

After she finished, Han Zhuoling said, “I did not work overtime.

I got off work on time tonight and even ate dinner on time.

I didnt mess up my lifestyle.

Dont worry.”

Shi Xiaoya was relieved at first, then she felt that something was strange.

If that was so, then why was he outside

But she suddenly realized that he probably went home to visit Lin Liye.

Just when Shi Xiaoya was about to ask, she heard the doorbell ring.

Shi Xiaoya said, “Wait for a while.

The doorbell rang.

Ill go take a look and see who it is.”

She saw through the screen that Han Zhuoling frowned.

“Who rang the doorbell at such a late time”

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