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Shi Xiaoya had no choice but to stop.

A few moments after she stopped, Luo Qingxian ran in front of her.

Luo Qingxian was seen panting.

She complained unhappily, “Xiaoya, I called you so many times.

Didnt you hear me Why didnt you stop”

Shi Xiaoya looked at her weirdly.

“Luo Qingxian, did you lose your memory”

“What are you talking about” Luo Qingxian said in dissatisfaction.

“If you didnt lose your memory, you would have remembered that we had shed all sense of cordiality the night before yesterday,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“If you dont remember, I can remind you.

You think that I am a two-faced, double-dealing, and selfish person.”

She added, “Since I am such a horrible person, its not worth it to be my friend.”

But Luo Qingxian responded, “I didnt think you would be so unforgiving.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Was this about forgiveness

Why did she make it sound like Shi Xiaoya was in the wrong

After Luo Qingxian said something that disgusted Shi Xiaoya, she glanced over at Han Zhuofeng.

Shi Xiaoya frowned and immediately wanted to obscure her view of Han Zhuofeng.

As Han Zhuofengs eldest sister-in-law, she couldnt possibly let Luo Qingxian entrap the youngest of the Han Family.

From Shi Xiaoyas perspective, Luo Qingxian was clearly the equivalent of a monster in a flood.

However, Han Zhuofeng didnt let Shi Xiaoya step in front of him and protect him.

Han Zhuofeng thought of himself as a man, and he had promised Han Zhuoling that he would keep Shi Xiaoya safe.

At this critical moment, how could he hide behind Shi Xiaoya

“I am here for Wei Wucai,” Luo Qingxian said.

“Where is he”

When Han Zhuofeng heard this, he immediately knew that she had come here to bother Wei Wucai.

He was just about to answer when Shi Xiaoya pulled him.

Han Zhuofeng was a man.

It wouldnt be good if Han Zhuofeng was seen arguing with Luo Qingxian.

And so, Shi Xiaoya pulled Han Zhuofeng.

She stopped what Han Zhuofeng was about to say and said to Luo Qingxian, “Does Wei Wucai know you came to see him”

Luo Qingxian felt very confident and good about herself.

She answered as she played with her wavy curls, “I obviously came to surprise him.”

Shi Xiaoya suddenly recalled a description—the curls of a scum girl.

This description magically appeared in her mind.

“Whats your relationship with Wei Wucai Why are you surprising him” Shi Xiaoya asked bluntly.

“Will he be happy to have this surprise”

Luo Qingxians expression changed as she scowled.

“Its none of your business!”

Luo Qingxian was afraid that others might hear her so she took a step forward.

Han Zhuofeng immediately pulled Shi Xiaoya back in an act of defense.

Luo Qingxians expression looked even worse.

Han Zhuofengs facial expression made it seem like she would do something to Shi Xiaoya.

How could they avoid her like this!

Luo Qingxian lowered her voice as she said, “I am Wei Wucais blind date.

I am here to see him.

Whats with this”

Shi Xiaoya sneered and commented, “You are just a blind date.

Its not like you guys are dating.

You can visit him, but you dont have to surprise him.

You might think its a surprise, but he might think its a scare.”

Han Zhuofeng stood at the side as he looked at Shi Xiaoya in admiration.

Who would have imagined that his sister-in-law would have such a sharp tongue! Powerful!

With every word she said, Luo Qingxians facial expression changed.

The third son of the Han Family had no use at all right now.

He could only be a quiet pillar that was ready to protect Shi Xiaoya at any time.

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