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“Hes good-looking, and hes a real boss in life! What is this godly setup!”

“So is Wei Wucai dating Yan Zhiqing”

“Yan Zhiqing is a winner in life! Not only is she from a wealthy family, but she also knows the powerful members of the eight great families.

And now, she is even dating someone from the eight great families.”

“Never mind all that.

Wei Wucai is so good-looking.

Who cares what he does Even if he doesnt do anything, considering his appearance, I am willing to provide for him for the rest of his life!”

“Wake up! Even if he is unemployed, he is a member of the Wei Family.

You cant afford him.”

“Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing are both from the eight great families, meaning that they didnt even consider giving outsiders a chance! Outrageous!”

“Wait! Wait! You all seemed to have forgotten that Wei Wucai is not a hedonistic son of a wealthy family.

He has a job.

Did you forget that those netizens referred to him as their boss This means that he has his own company.”

“Yes! Yes! Where did those people go”

And so, Yu Wenhan and the other four were tagged a crazy amount of times.

Hu Changmo said as he was reading the comments, “Its my first time receiving the same treatment as Master Qian.”

The others nodded in agreement.

“All you have to do is click on their accounts and check out their profiles.

Wei Wucai doesnt have an introduction, and his account is not verified, but his employees should have a complete profile,” a quick-witted netizen said.

And so, the netizens clicked on the accounts used by Yu Wenhan and the others.

It was just like what that netizen had said.

Wei Wucais main page was empty.

But Yu Wenhan and the others all had a very complete profile.

They had added their introduction and company as well as their roles in the company.

Many netizens saw that they were working for Ledepic More, but most of the netizens were unfamiliar with this company.

They had no idea what this company did.

But some netizens were very interested in learning about films and had acquired a deep knowledge of movies.

Although they werent professionals, they were very interested in this industry.

They knew about filmmaking companies and visual effects companies, as well as other companies that offered professional services in this industry.

Naturally, some netizens who studied filmmaking recognized Ledepic More.


Its Ledepic More.

Are these people employees of Ledepic More”

“They called Wei Wucai their boss Does this mean that Wei Wucai is the CEO of Ledepic More”

“What does that mean Can someone explain What is Ledepic More Is it that powerful”

“Why dont you search it up yourself Ledepic More is the best visual effects company in the country.

It is ranked internationally and is not considered inferior to the top four visual effects companies.

Let me describe it this way.

If it is a local film that has enough funds to cover the cost of special effects, Ledepic More can render special effects that are on par with the special effects seen in those Hollywood blockbuster movies.”

“Compared to the four major visual effects company, Ledepic More is less costly.”

“Ledepic More is also very famous among Hollywood studios.

Search it up yourself.

Ledepic More was one of the visual effects company that was in charge of the CGI for the epic movieTime Traveler. The director of that movie personally said that Ledepic More had rendered most of the special effects in the movie.”

“There were even news articles stating that Ledepic More might be in charge of making special effects for MacleansPlanet Toca 2, a movie that has received a lot of attention and expectations.

Compared to the four major special effects companies, Ledepic More provides high-quality service at a cheaper price.

And so, this means that the director would be able to allocate more money to buying film equipment while ensuring that more special effects are created for the movie.”

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