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Clearly, Yan Zhiqing had some kind of feelings for Wei Wucai as well.

These were two youngsters who had feelings for each other.

Its just a matter of time before their relationship became official.

This meant that Wei Wucai would have a girlfriend in the near future while he would remain single.

If this happened, would Old Mrs.

Wei let him off the hook easily

Wei Zhiqian felt his heart ache.

He then heard Wei Wucai say, “Yan Beicheng is her elder brother.

Obviously, he would protect his younger sister and would refuse to allow other men to take his little sister away this easily.

And so, he would definitely try to make things difficult for me.

“Elder Brother, you know that Yan Beicheng is my future elder brother-in-law,” Wei Wucai said.

“And so, I dont dare to retort blatantly.”

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

Wei Zhiqian thought to himself, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were not even in a relationship.

Nevertheless, Wei Wucai already viewed Yan Beicheng as his future elder brother-in-law.

Obviously, Wei Wucai was very confident.

However, did Yan Beicheng know that he was being referred to as someones elder brother-in-law

“If he really wants to make things hard for me, I would be too weak as it would just be me by myself.

I have no one to help me and speak up for me…” Wei Wucai said in a pitiful manner.

“Elder Brother, take a look at the dinner arrangement tonight.

Han Zhuofeng is accompanied by Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Zhiqing is accompanied by Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu.

All of them are accompanied by their elder brothers and sisters-in-law while I am just here by myself,” Wei Wucai said.

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

“Even if I go, you wont be accompanied by a sister-in-law.” Wei Zhiqians mouth twitched as he said this.

This dude was just intentionally hurting him.

“…” The corner of Wei Wucais mouth twitched as he thought that his elder brother was somewhat unimpressive.

As of now, he couldnt even acquire the support of a sister-in-law.

This basically meant that his combat power was reduced by half.

“At least I would be accompanied by an elder brother,” Wei Wucai said.

To Wei Zhiqian, these words sounded like the phrase—It is better to have something than to have nothing.

“I am sorry you dont have a sister-in-law.” Wei Zhiqian rolled his eyes as he said this.

Wei Wucai sighed.

He realized that everyone else had an elder brother as well as a sister-in-law.

As for Wei Wucai, one of the two was absent.

This caused Wei Wucai to feel a little sad.

“Elder Brother, are you coming or not” Wei Wucai asked.

“I am.

I am coming,” Wei Zhiqian said.

He lifted his wrist and checked the time.

“It should take around an hour.

There isnt a lot of traffic at this time.”

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “We will wait for you.”

“Isnt an hour of wait time too long for you guys” Wei Zhiqian said.

While he was speaking, he had already taken his car keys and was stepping outside with long strides.

Wei Wucai looked back and saw Han Zhuoling and Yan Beicheng chatting with each other at a near distance.

He then answered, “My good brother, its fine if we wait for you.”

Han Zhuoling and Yan Beicheng had no idea that Wei Wucai had just made a decision for them.

“Alright.” Wei Zhiqian nodded.

“I will be as quick as possible.”

“Safety first.” Wei Wucai still expressed his concern for Wei Zhiqian as he said, “Dont drive fast because you are in a hurry.

You will likely cause a car accident.”

Wei Zhiqian felt emotionally moved by what Wei Wucai said.

He agreed and went on his way.

Wei Wucai hung up the phone and stepped next to Han Zhuoling and Yan Beicheng.

Yan Zhiqing then said, “Lets go in quickly.”

“Wait, we have not taken a picture yet,” Yan Beicheng said.

Because Wei Wucai had gone away for a phone call, the group photo was not yet taken.

Yan Beicheng handed the phone to Han Zhuofeng and called the others over as he said, “Come on! Dont stand together in an organized manner.

“Make it appear as though we are just stepping into the restaurant together.

“Wei Wucai, dont look so stiff.

You obviously look like you are posing for a photo.

Learn from me.

“Dont stand in a row.

Stand in two rows.

“Xiaoya, Zhiqing, Xiao Cai, move behind us.

“Zhuoling, stand beside me.” Yan Beicheng buzzed with excitement as he continued arranging the group.

But Han Zhuoling was not happy with this arrangement and said, “Why are you moving Xiaoya away from me”

“If you were beside Xiaoya, Xiao Cai would be standing next to Zhiqing.

People will think that Xiao Cai and Zhiqing are a couple,” Yan Beicheng explained.

“If the couples are all standing together in the photo, people will likely think that the remaining two individuals are a couple as well.”

“No.” Han Zhuoling adamantly refused and said, “What if people think that Xiaoya and I are experiencing some relationship issues because they dont see us walking together

“Our relationship is very good.

How can we allow such a misunderstanding” Han Zhuoling firmly rejected Yan Beichengs suggestion.

He barely had the chance to show people his affection towards Xiaoya.

If it wasnt because they were busy, he would have shown his affection every second of the day.

If this picture caused people to suspect that his relationship with Xiaoya was going downhill, it would be very unfair.

With this, Han Zhuoling grabbed Shi Xiaoyas hand tightly.

His attitude clearly indicated that no words could separate him and Shi Xiaoya.

Yan Beicheng couldnt say anything.

Wasnt Han Zhuoling overthinking this

Immediately, he heard Han Zhuoling say, “Why dont you and Lin Chu walk separately”

“No way!” Yan Beicheng blurted out.

“What if they get the wrong idea about my relationship with Chuchu We have a very good relationship!”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

He felt as though that these two guys were just flaunting their loving relationships.

Han Zhuofeng, feeling helpless, said, “Just ask Zhiqing and Xiao Cai to walk separately! They are not in a relationship, so it shouldnt matter if they are not walking next to each other!”

“Sounds good.” Yan Beicheng pondered for a moment and nodded.

He initially wanted to prove that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were friends anyway.

They were now outside as a group.

Previously, when Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were pictured picking up food delivery together, they were honestly the only ones there.

However, this group photo could potentially trick the netizens into thinking that the photo with just Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing had just been cropped out of a group photo.

It might fool them into thinking that there were really many people picking up the food delivery.

This was Yan Beichengs plan.

This was why he wanted Wei Wucai to walk next to Yan Zhiqing.

Of course, if they didnt walk next to each other, it wouldnt affect much.

Yan Beicheng pondered about it and decided that it was okay.

And so, he asked Yan Zhiqing to walk in the front row beside him and Lin Chu.

Wei Wucai walked behind them, positioned next to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Wei Wucai was fine with this arrangement because he heard what Shi Xiaoya had whispered to Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya whispered, “In my opinion, it seems like they were brought here by us for a matchmaking meeting.”

“Eh” Han Zhuoling was slightly curious.

Shi Xiaoya kept her voice low as she explained, “Look here.

Yan Beicheng brought Zhiqing along while we brought Wei Wucai along.

Dont we seem like two parties, each bringing along a single youngster to introduce them to each other”

Han Zhuoling turned and cast a glance at the others.

However, Yan Beicheng clearly did not notice this.

The group posed naturally, making it seem as though they were about to step into the restaurant.

Han Zhuofeng quickly took several pictures, allowing Yan Beicheng to pick out a few pictures that he thought were more agreeable.

The group arrangement and the photo taking took a long time.

After they went into the restaurant, they asked the waiter for a private room.

Fortunately, this restaurant was located in a rather obscure place.

Therefore, although business was going fine and there were customers constantly, it wasnt popular to the extent that it had no empty tables.

Considering that it was really late, there was a private room available at the restaurant.

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