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When she saw Wei Wucai here, she immediately said, “There have definitely been a lot of reporters these past two days.

Its not convenient for us to eat outside.

Lets just eat at the hotel.

I will ask Qiaohan to pick up the delivery when it gets here.”

“Then… should we eat in my room” Wei Wucai asked.

Yan Zhiqing recalled that she was supposed to have a meal with him alone.

She thus answered, “We had food in your room yesterday and it left behind a smell.

I feel so bad.

Lets eat in my room today.”

If Yan Beicheng found out about this, he would die from anger.

He had instructed her yesterday not to stay in a room with Wei Wucai alone.

Whether its Wei Wucais room or her room, both were not permitted.

Yet Yan Zhiqing forgot about it after only a night.

Not only was she going to have dinner with Wei Wucai alone, she was going to take Wei Wucai into her room.

“Okay.” Wei Wucai would obviously agree without any hesitation.

The group went back to the hotel together.

All of them went back to their own rooms.

The reporters in the hotel wouldnt be able to take the elevator upstairs because a room card was needed to unlock the hotel floor buttons.

Therefore, they didnt need to worry about Wei Wucai being pictured going into Yan Zhiqings room.

However, Wei Wucai honestly wanted a photo to be taken.

Yan Zhiqing asked Wei Wucai for his opinion as she was about to order the food.

Wei Wucai answered, “We had hotpot last night and during noon today.

Lets not get hotpot.

Just order the usual stir-fry dishes.”

Stir-fry dishes didnt have a strong smell and wouldnt cause her room to smell.

Yan Zhiqing searched on the food delivery app.

Possibly due to the fact that she was hungry, she wanted to eat whatever she saw.

“Should we order from this Seafood Cafe” Yan Zhiqing turned and showed Wei Wucai her phone.

“Since its just the two of us, I think we can order the portion for two or three people.”

The fact was, such food had a strong smell, and food with rich seasoning could easily cause weight gain.

But fortunately, this was seafood, and seafood did not easily lead to weight gain.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing remembered that when Wei Wucai had hotpot, he ate from the spicy half of the hotpot.

This meant that he was able to eat spicy food.

“Alright.” Wei Wucai nodded.

“However, wouldnt you get pimples if you ate spicy food during every meal for the past two days”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Why would he ask such a realistic question at this time

“I can eat a little bit of spicy food and I can rinse some with water before I eat them.” Yan Zhiqing had a good appetite and didnt care about losing weight anymore.

Wei Wucai thus nodded and said, “Lets order that, then.”

Yan Zhiqing gave the delivery service Fang Qiaohans phone number and told Fang Qiaohan about it.

Coincidentally, Fang Qiaohan had also ordered food delivery and was already eating with Guo Yujie in the hotel room.

Yan Zhiqing was still waiting for her food delivery.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were not a public figure like Yan Zhiqing was and didnt share the same worries as her.

No one would follow them outside, so they picked a restaurant nearby and had dinner there.

“You have to eat food outside every day because of me,” Shi Xiaoya said apologetically.

The food outside used a lot of oil.

The ingredients and seasoning used might not actually be good.

In fact, some of the ingredients and seasonings might not even be considered qualified.

However, because they didnt see such things, they were able to eat it while pretending that they knew nothing.

Such dishes were not as delicious as home-cooked food, especially if you ate too much of it.

In addition, Han Zhuoling had overworked himself in the past, causing poor digestive health.

Shi Xiaoya was worried that if this continued for too long, Han Zhuoling would suffer from poor digestive health again.

Due to ordering food delivery and eating outside every day, even she felt a little heavy.

What more Han Zhuoling

The two picked a restaurant that looked pretty good and ordered mainly dishes that were light.

While they were waiting for the food, Han Zhuoling got a phone call from Old Mrs.


“Grandma” Han Zhuoling was surprised to receive this call.

Old Mrs.

Han rarely called of her own accord.

Normally, she wouldnt call if nothing happened.

And so, Han Zhuoling asked, “What happened”

Old Mrs.

Hans voice was very cheerful.

It sounded as though she had called to gossip.

It didnt sound like she had encountered anything bad.

And so, Han Zhuoling was not worried.

He then heard Old Mrs.

Han say, “Zhuoling, is Xiaoya pregnant”

“Eh” Han Zhuoling was shocked when he heard what Old Mrs.

Han said.


When did that happen I had no idea.

Who told you that”

“It was reported online.” When Old Mrs.

Han realized that the news was not true, her voice immediately sounded less energetic.

“Is she not”

“No.” Han Zhuoling almost felt unsure because of what Old Mrs.

Han said.

He immediately asked Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, are you pregnant”

He had asked this while Shi Xiaoya was drinking water.

Then Shi Xiaoya suddenly heard Han Zhuolings question.

She wasnt expecting it at all.

The water got stuck in her throat.

“Cough! Cough, cough, cough!” Shi Xiaoya hurriedly placed the cup down and pulled some tissues to wipe her mouth with.

Han Zhuoling wiped her mouth as well and patted her on the back.

“Why were you so shocked” Han Zhuoling paused for a second and asked confusedly, “Perhaps you are really pregnant”

“What!” Shi Xiaoya, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, said, “I was just surprised.

Where did this rumor come from I didnt even know I was pregnant.”

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly said, “No… I am not pregnant.

I am not pregnant.

I am seriously not pregnant.”

While Han Zhuoling was staring at her, Shi Xiaoya felt as though she wasnt explaining this clearly enough.

The two hadnt been using contraception ever since they registered their marriage.

However, they had done their calculations.

Their wedding was scheduled to take place in May of next year, which just so happened to be the time when Lu Man would be giving birth and completing her month of postpartum confinement.

She would then be able to be a part of the wedding.

Even if they got pregnant because they didnt use contraception…

She wouldnt look pregnant now.

Even if she would already be a few months along, it wouldnt affect the wedding.

She still wouldnt look pregnant at that time, so it should not stop her from wearing her wedding dress.

And so, they didnt use contraception.

Shi Xiaoya hadnt had such an experience.

However, she thought that she would have sensed it if she were pregnant.

Her life wasnt affected at all.

It was the same as before.

In addition, her period came on time.

Wait, why was she thinking about this

Shes not pregnant, so whos the one spreading the rumor

Han Zhuoling gave her another cup of water.

He had Shi Xiaoya drink some water so that she could soothe her throat and feel better.

“If I were really pregnant, I would have sensed something,” Shi Xiaoya said with difficulty.

“I feel energetic every day, and my… its always on time…”

She was already Han Zhuolings wife.

However, when mentioning things like her period, Shi Xiaoya still felt embarrassed to say it out loud.

“So there is no way I am pregnant.” Shi Xiaoya thought that this was so weird as she said, “How did something that I didnt even know spread out as a rumor”

Han Zhuoling nodded and said to Old Mrs.

Han, “Grandma, Xiaoya is not pregnant.

We didnt even know about this.

We didnt even do any tests, so how did this rumor get spread out”

Honestly, Han Zhuoling felt slightly disappointed.

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