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“Just ignore her,” Sister Li advised Lu Man.

“Nowadays, we dont bother replying either, were even too lazy to bother bickering with her.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Its really been long since Ive seen you all, I really missed you guys.

This mornings coffee to freshen everyone up will be my treat.”

“Haha, then I wont stand on ceremony with you then.

In the future, if you really become a huge celebrity, I would even boast that I once had a big celebrity treat me to coffee,” Sister Li said, smiling.

Chen Shimian joined in the fun too.

“Lu Man, give me an autograph later and also take a picture with me too.

Once you become famous, Ill send it to my friends and show off to them.”

“Well, I should give you an autograph after I become famous then.

My celebrity autograph would be different from my normal signature too,” Lu Man jested.

Upon hearing that, everyone burst into laughter.

Right then, Lu Man received a phone call from the delivery boy.

He had already reached the office reception and asked Lu Man to come down to collect it.

“Ill come along with you,” Sister Li said, worried that Lu Man wouldnt be able to carry everything.

Therefore, both of them headed down together.

When they reached the entrance of the office to collect the coffee from the delivery boy, they realized that it was bustling with people.

“Why are there so many people” Sister Li asked, curious.

All of them were young ladies, and most of them even looked like they were still students.

“Dont they have a class today”

“Some of them are university students, while some had skipped school,” a security officer by the side overheard and answered.

He shook his head in disappointment.

“Just now, I heard them saying that Yu Xingzhou was coming over.

I think its fine for kids nowadays to chase after celebrities, but they shouldnt skip school just for this.

Its already difficult for their parents to earn money, and their parents have to put in so much money for their education.

How could they just skip classes”

Some university students present there did not have classes while some others had even skipped classes.

However, what was worse was that there were even high school students who had skipped class to chase after celebrities.

The security officer was a middle-aged man.

His children were schooling right now too.

He didnt earn much, but he, too, was still doing his best for his children to receive a good education.

What if his children were to skip class just to chase after celebrities too

Hence, the security officer empathized with them greatly.

“Yu Xingzhou, I know about him.

He just became famous after acting in a young adult show.

As soon as he gained popularity, he became so snobbish and arrogant.

When he went overseas to attend a fashion week, he was even caught taking drugs there.

How could people still admire him and become a fan of his Right now, there are so many handsome celebrities who really have a good image too.

Wont an idol like this lead the children astray” Sister Li explained.

Yu Xingzhou becoming popular was something that happened this month.

Lu Man had been closed off and busy filming, so she didnt know about it.

“How could you say that! Our Zhou Zhou isnt someone like that.

The reporters spread this fake rubbish rumor, dont you dare spout such rubbish! Besides, did we spend your money skipping class You sure care a lot! Care about your own children first!” A young girl who was standing close by Lu Man and Sister Li overheard Sister Lis words and immediately confronted them.

Infuriated, Sister Li rebuked her.

“How could you be such an irresponsible child!”

“You are ridiculous instead.

We didnt even talk about you guys, why are you talking bad about us Whatever we do, its our own choice, you have no right to judge and criticize us.

We dont need your understanding, we arent interfering with your matters, so what right do you have to interfere in ours!”

Sister Li was so furious that she wanted to chastise her.

She clearly had a mouth full of words, waiting to be spilled, but she couldnt say anything.

Lu Man pulled Sister Li behind her and faced that young lady, her face stoic and cold.

“Who taught you such manners Could it be that you learned it from that idol” Lu Man asked coldly, “For the sake of an unrealistic idol, you are sacrificing your own education, you will be the one who loses out in the future, anyway.

Whether you do well or not in the future, what does that have to do with us However, your lack of manners and character, no matter who taught you, would always point towards your parents.

Having good manners while speaking is basic etiquette.

Making others look down on your parents upbringing because of your manners is completely your fault.”


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