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Therefore, everyone did their investigation quickly.

On that day itself, they worked together and investigated everything about Chen Zeqing.

Chen Zeqings hands were very dirty.

He had done many things that shouldnt be known.

In fact, to get more job opportunities and to become famous, he had even offered his butt to the CEO of an entertainment company.

Of course, Chen Zeqing had become independent now and had had a peaceful breakup with the CEO.

However, such things really showed how twisted ones values could be.

After all, if Chen Zeqing was gay, it would have been fine.

If that was his sexuality, theres no reason to stop him from getting in a relationship.

However, Chen Zeqing was not gay.

He did like girls.

And the experience back then did not turn him gay.

He was still very straight now and was very reluctant to think about what had happened back then.

He really wanted to hide that dark past away.

If he was gay, he would not be going after Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai didnt even have to do anything.

The people at the Mount Lan Compound would rip Chen Zeqing apart first.

Yan Beicheng was not mentioned because the information was still with the Mount Lan Compound as of now.

Everyone organized the information.

They even thoughtfully organized the pages based on the timeline and saved the file.

To prevent losing the file, they even made a couple of copies of the file.

They then uploaded the file to the database of the intelligence department.

Chen Zeqing didnt even know that the ** that he had done in the past was taking up system memory space at the Mount Lan Compound.

This was truly… frightening!

“Alright, alright,” Wei Wucais deputy said.

“Lets quickly take this file to Team Leader Xiao Cai.”

Everyone knew what was going on.

This could have easily been done by sending an email.

Why would there be a need to bring this file over

It would take a lot of time for them to travel.

An email was much quicker.

The email would only take seconds to send.

The three deputies just wanted to watch the newest gossip in Wei Wucais life!

The team members thought that the three deputies were giving up their lives for this gossip.

They dared to spectate on someone elses life!

Was it that fun to watch Wei Wucais life

Of course, the three deputies werent the only ones.

Even the team members… wanted to lose their lives to witness this event.

At this moment, Yuan Jiangyis deputy spoke.

“We plan to take some people with us this time to escort these files and personally hand them over to the three team leaders.”

“These files are very important, after all.

If we just send an email, what if someone steals it” Hao Donghuais deputy added.

Everyone thought to themselves, who would be so bored as to steal this **

However, since the team leaders werent here, the deputies were the bosses.

Whatever the deputies said was right.

After all, they needed a reason to visit Wei Wucai.

And so, everyone believed this bull**.

“However, we cant go all at once,” Wei Wucais deputy said.

“Some people would have to stay here to be on standby, right”

Everyone knew this was true.

But no one wanted to be the one to stay.

Everyone wanted to watch Wei Wucais life!

“Therefore, we can only choose half of the people from each team to come to B City with us,” Wei Wucais deputy said.

Everyone nodded.

No one disagreed.

Of course, they would try to be the ones chosen.

And so, someone couldnt help but ask, “How are we going to choose”

“Should we fight Yes! Whoever wins will move up in the rank!” someone else said while rubbing their palms.

“Only simple men compete by fighting!” another said.

“We are the intelligence department.

Obviously, we have to compete using our technical skills.”

“Its easier to just fight!” someone said.

Soon, everyone started arguing.

Wei Wucais deputy thought to himself, their team leader Xiao Cai was indeed popular.

“Quiet! Everyone, be quiet!” Hao Donghuais deputy said.

“In the past, we have always solved such issues by fighting.

The ones who win in the fight would advance further in the competition.”

“However, we shouldnt always be this violent!” Yuan Jiangyis deputy said.

“And so, lets use a peaceful method this time.”

Wei Wucais deputy then brought in three small boxes.

“We will give each of you a piece of paper.

Write your name and scrunch it into a ball before you throw it into the box.

The boxes are labeled based on the name of your team, so throw the ball of paper into the right box,” Wei Wucais deputy said.

And so, the three distributed papers to everyone.

Everyone wrote their names down and threw the paper into the respective boxes.

“And now, we will draw lots,” Wei Wucais deputy said.

Why choose such an old-fashioned method

And so, each of the three picked out half of the people from their respective teams.

Obviously, the people who were chosen cheered in joy.

They were very happy.

The people who werent chosen wanted to beat up the ones who were chosen.

But no matter what, the results were out.

The three deputies recorded the names and went to report this to Fang Boran.

Fang Boran couldnt join the fun, but he very gladly agreed to let them go.

Wen Ren had heard from Chai Yu about what happened to Wei Wucai, but he was busy.

He could only worry about it.

“When you guys get there, take lots of videos and pictures,” Wen Ren said.

“Of course, if its convenient for you guys, just use our intranet to live-stream the whole event.

Let us know when you can live-stream.

We will be waiting.”

He felt bad for Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was just getting into a relationship and so many people would be there to watch him.

With Wen Rens instructions and with the wishes and hopes of the people at the Mount Lan Compound…

A group of people rushed to B City.

At the film site in B City…

There were quite a lot of scenes to be filmed today, so the schedule was tight.

And so, they only finished filming when it was already 10 at night.

In addition, Wu Mosen had a high standard.

For one scene, Yan Zhiqing had had to do the same movement so many times.

And so, when the filming finally ended, Yan Zhiqing felt dizzy and confused.

She didnt even have the energy to move.

Her legs felt heavy.

Shed felt tense the entire day because of filming.

And now, she could finally relax, resulting in her entire body immediately feeling the exhaustion.

She leaned her entire body against Fang Qiaohan.

By leaning on Fang Qiaohan, she was able to get half of the strength necessary to step towards the van.

However, she walked in this exhausting manner for only a few steps.

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