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Chapter 3287: Winner in LifeTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was really too late.

There was no reason for Wei Wucai to ask her to stay.

In addition, the two had just gotten together today.

He couldnt rush and make himself seem like a pervert.

What if he scared her

However, Wei Wucai really wanted Yan Zhiqing to stay.

And so, he stood up as well.

When he stood up, Yan Zhiqing had already turned and stepped toward the door.

Wei Wucai had to follow her quickly.

Yan Zhiqing stopped when she reached the door.

She had yet to open the door.

She turned around and was about to bid goodnight to Wei Wucai.

But then, Wei Wucai was right behind her and was standing very close by.

Unknowingly, he had trapped Yan Zhiqing at the door.


Wei Wucai had his hand on the door and held her tightly in his arm.

The other hand was holding onto her waist.

Her waist was very thin, and his hand seemed to be holding almost half of her waist.

“It took much effort to get you to agree to be my girlfriend,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing thought about it.

Did it take much effort

It hadnt seemed so.

It had only been a few days since he confessed to her.

Only a few days had passed, and she had already agreed.

In addition, during these three days, she found out that he had lied.

Only a night had passed, and Yan Zhiqing had already forgiven him.

Wei Wucai didnt struggle at all when he was trying to get her to be his girlfriend.

Even Yan Zhiqing thought that she had agreed too easily.

As she thought about this, she realized that she was an easy catch.

However, before Yan Zhiqing could retort.

She heard Wei Wucai say, “And now, you are leaving.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

It was not like she would leave and never come back.

Immediately, Wei Wucai said, “Then, can I get a good kiss”

Yan Zhiqings face instantly flushed red.

Her face was burningly hot.

She couldnt say anything.

However, Wei Wucai didnt need her answer.

And now, he wasnt asking Yan Zhiqing for her permission.

Who would ask their girlfriend for permission before they kissed their girlfriend

And so, the moment Wei Wucai said that…

He didnt even bother to wait to see Yan Zhiqings reaction.

He just kissed her right away.

This kiss was different from the one that happened when Yan Zhiqing had just stepped into the room.

There was still some uncertainty in that previous kiss.

But now, the two had already confirmed their relationship status, and Wei Wucai had no more worries.

He pressed his mouth to hers and dived in for a deep and long kiss.

He held her waist and lifted her up.

Yan Zhiqing hastily gripped his shoulder and quickly clung to his waist.

She was like a koala bear, hanging onto his body.

She was so scared that she might fall.

But then, this made things even more convenient for Wei Wucai as he went in and deepened this kiss.

He held Yan Zhiqing in his arms.

It felt as though he was pushing her into his flesh and bones.

He was kissing her so much that Yan Zhiqing felt weak, and she almost couldnt continue to cling to him.

Wei Wucai reluctantly let her go.

She could feel his hot and heavy panting on her lips, the tip of her nose, and her chin.

It was as though his lips had gently touched these places.

Yan Zhiqing grabbed the edge of his shirt tightly, scrunching it up.

She couldnt tell him that this kiss was making her want to stay.

Yan Zhiqing had no strength left.

As a result, her feet landed feebly on the floor.

However, Wei Wucai was still carrying her, which was why she didnt fall to the ground.

Wei Wucai held her in his arms and lazily leaned his head on her shoulder.

His forehead sat right in the center—between her collarbones.

Yan Zhiqing felt that the areas he was touching were scorching hot.

Her body and the side of her neck were hot.

At this moment, she heard Wei Wucai say, “This is great.”

Although he uttered only three words, Yan Zhiqing felt that those three words were enough.

Those three words perfectly described all the feelings the two felt at this moment.

Because that was what she thought as well.

This was really good.

Yan Zhiqing lowered her head and saw the corner of Wei Wucais eyes.

At this moment, the corner of his eyes seemed full of emotions as they had glowing red spots, which made them look especially attractive.

Later on, Yan Zhiqing would recall what had happened, and she would think that she must have been out of her mind.

Why did she do it

Anyway, Yan Zhiqing seemed bewitched.

She lowered her head and pressed her lips to the fading red corner of his eyes.

Wei Wucai suddenly shivered and lifted his head up to her shoulder.

He couldnt believe that this was something that Yan Zhiqing would do.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing regained her rationality and immediately felt embarrassed.

She saw that Wei Wucais eyes had lit up, and she felt embarrassed to even look at him.

She panicked as she avoided his gaze.

Wei Wucai then move forward and kissed her on the lips.

This time, Yan Zhiqing no longer just played the role of a passive recipient.

As she engaged with him in this kiss, she started to gain experience.

Unknowingly, she hugged him and was even starting to kiss him back.

“I have to let you go.” Wei Wucai struggled to say this.

If not, he really would not be able to let Yan Zhiqing out of the door.

Yan Zhiqing gently pursed her lips and nodded silently.

Wei Wucais eyes were glued on her, refusing to shift away.

With much reluctance, he opened the door and said, “I will send you back.”

He wanted to spend as much time with Yan Zhiqing as possible.

However, Yan Zhiqings room was just a twirl away.

Yan Zhiqing swiped her card and opened the door.

Wei Wucai didnt go inside and just remained at the door.


I will come to get you tomorrow morning,” Wei Wucai said.

“Alright.” Yan Zhiqing nodded, casting a glance at him as she felt reluctant to part ways.

She liked him previously, but she had never felt such reluctance to leave him.

She wasnt even willing to bid goodbye.

It was probably because he was now her boyfriend.

It had to be because she now had the right to honestly show her reluctance to part ways with him.

“Goodnight,” Yan Zhiqing said, “You should go back and rest early.”

“Alright.” Wei Wucai smiled as he stared at her.

Yan Zhiqing closed the door.

The door was only half closed when it couldnt move anymore.

Wei Wucai had stopped it with his hand.

Yan Zhiqing didnt try to push the door.

She just looked at him in surprise.

At the same time, Wei Wucai shifted his body between the ajar door.

His feet were on the carpet outside.

He hadnt crossed the line.

He pushed the door with one hand and the doorframe with another hand.

He leaned in and kissed Yan Zhiqing again.

But this time, the kiss was short.

It was just a taste.

“Goodnight,” Wei Wucai said with a smile.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself that Wei Wucais athletic skills were quite good.

This time, the door finally closed.

Yan Zhiqing covered her face as she lay on the bed.

It was her first time being in a relationship, and her boyfriend was so handsome.

Yan Zhiqing felt as though she was a winner in life.


Wei Wucai waited until Yan Zhiqing had closed the door before he turned and went back to his room.

But he stood outside the door without swiping his card and stepping into the room.

The corner of his eyes twitched as he turned and said in an annoyed tone, “Come out.”

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