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Chapter 3357: You Cant Deal With ItTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How did you know” Xie Jiling asked.

“The helper of that house told me.

His parents and the helper are the only ones left in the house.

I heard about it when I was chatting with the helper.

However, that helper has already resigned.”

“She told me that the house was haunted, and she didnt dare to stay anymore.

She resigned in a hurry.

However, that family hired another one after a few days.

The new helper has no idea about anything, but I think she will also quit in a few days.”

“We heard the neighbors screaming in the middle of the night.

During the day, the couples would get paranoid and talk about some ghost.”

The helper rubbed her arms and said, “We felt scared living next to their house.

Its fine hearing them talk about it during the day, but we have to listen to them scream at night.”

“Our neighbors have hired someone to help with this, but it was of no use.

They are planning to move to another place,” the helper said, “But if there were truly something, moving to another place would be useless.

Maybe that ghost is targetting them.”

When Xie Jiling heard this, she thought this story sounded familiar.

It was as though she had heard it somewhere before.

“Is the surname of that family He” Xie Jiling asked.

The helper replied in surprise, “How did you know”

“The son and daughter-in-law who died must be He Zhengbai and Lu Qi, right” Xie Jiling said.

The helper was surprised.

“They are!”

Xie Jiling thought to herself.


What a coincidence.”

She had just discovered how this was connected to Lu Man.

But she just didnt know if the vengeful spirit was Lu Qi or He Zhengbai.

“Elder Sister, can you guide me there to take a look at things” Xie Jiling said to the helper.

When the helper heard this, she was so happy.

You could tell that Xie Jiling was young at first glance.

However, the helper was not young.

She was not at the age to be called elder sister by Xie Jiling.

Didnt it mean that she looked very young

The helper was exhilarated.

The security officer at the side was secretly criticizing how Xie Jiling, despite her young age, was such a good bootlicker.

She was such a hypocrite at such a young age!

“Take me there to see whats going on so that I can talk to my teacher about it,” Xie Jiling said.

The helper really wanted to solve this issue.

If this continued, their house would never have a day of peace.

In addition, who knew when their house might end up becoming the unfortunate one

She had been doing this job for a long time.

The employer was generous and friendly as well.

She was very comfortable doing this job, so she didnt want to look for another job.

The helper thought about it and said, “Sure.

Come inside with me.”

The security officer then allowed Xie Jilin to step into the neighborhood.

Xie Jiling held the compass as she followed the helper, and the place matched up with the direction that the compass was pointing.

This meant that the He Family was the culprit.

“There it is.

Thats the house.” The helper stopped and said to Xie Jiling.

“Thank you.” Xie Jiling lifted the compass and stepped in front of the He Familys house.

The needle on the compass started spinning crazily.

It was spinning at a much faster rate than when she was at Lu Mans house.

it was spinning so quickly that it felt as though the compass would break at any time.

At this moment, Xie Jiling heard a panicking voice nearby.

“Master, we are counting on you now.

We have tried asking so many people, and they were all useless.”

Xie Jiling turned and saw He Qingyang and Yang Lin standing on the left and right side of a middle-aged man that had the aura of a sage that practiced taoism.

“We thought it would be fine if we moved to another place.

The people we previously hired couldnt do anything.

So, we temporarily stayed at a hotel.

Since there are bound to be many people in a hotel, we thought it would be fine and that it wouldnt follow us.” Yang Lins face looked so pale, and her cheeks were sunken.

There were dark circles under her eyes, and It seemed like she would break down at any point.

“It still followed us when we went to stay at a hotel.” Yang Lin was about to have a mental breakdown.

Even He Qingyang had lost so much weight.

He didnt even dare to go to the office.

Even if he went there, he would appear sickly in his mental state.

If someone saw him, they may start spreading some stupid rumors.

With his current mental state, he wouldnt be able to do anything in the office.

Therefore, He Qingyang simply didnt go.

But he didnt dare to stay in the house as well.

Even when it was daytime, the house felt eerie and uncomfortable.

And it was even worse at night…

Whether he was at home or the hotel or anywhere, he couldnt sleep.

“Yes! Master! You have to help us.” He Qingyang begged as well, “We can only count on you.”

“Dont worry.” The “master” walking in the center said confidently, “I dont know who are the scammers you have found.

But in this line of work, a lot of people are incapable and only know to fool other people.”

“Because of their lies, many innocent people died.

This time, since you found me through CEO Wang, I will resolve your issue, so you do not have to worry.”

The “master” humphed coldly and said, “I have dealt with countless vengeful spirits.

Such little things are no match for me.”

The three conversed with each other, and they soon arrived in front of Xie Jiling.

When they saw Xie Jiling standing in front of the He Familys house…

He Qingyang asked, “Who are you”

Xie Jiling turned and said, “Did you ask him to restrain the ghost”

When the “master” saw the compass in Xie Jilings hand, he mocked, “Little girl.

Are you learning to restrain ghosts at such a young age”

“You cant deal with this one.

It has too much vengeance,” Xie Jiling said.

The “master” was very unhappy to be looked down on by a little girl in front of his clients.

“If I cant deal with it, do you really think that a young girl like you can deal with it”

“Go away! Hurry up and leave.

Dont cause trouble here,” the “master” said angrily, “This is not an event that a pretentious young girl with a compass can participate in.

Leave now, and dont disturb me.”

Xie Jiling started scrutinizing the “master.” She was staring at him so much that the “master” started losing his temper.

“What are you looking at! What a rude young girl! Leave now! If you get into danger because you refuse to leave, I am not helping you!”

Xie Jiling stopped looking at him and said, “Although you are not a scammer trying to trick people.

You do have some skills.

However, you are only capable of dealing with ordinary spirits.”

“I can sense that the ghosts you have dealt with in the past werent vengeful spirits.

They were normal ghosts of people about to be reincarnated.” Xie Jiling narrowed her eyes and said, “It doesnt matter if you are unable to differentiate between vengeful spirits and normal ghosts, or if you can differentiate them but you still intentionally restrained those normal ghosts, it still means the same.

And it means you have blocked their paths.”

“If you cant differentiate them, it means that you didnt learn well.

However, if you were able to differentiate them, but you still did what you had done, it means you are evil.”

At this moment, a hint of panic could be seen in the eyes of this “master.”

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