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Chapter 3378: Master Where is the MasterTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

If below 40% of the energy was stimulated, that would be a low-level talisman.

The energy an exorcist could transform varied depending on their skill level.

However, an exorcist of any level could feel the waves of energy coming from a talisman.

As such, they could determine the level of this talisman.

What Luo Dingzhen saw that day were ready-made talismans Xie Jiling had taken out.

He knew that Xie Jiling was from the Xie family, so he wasnt surprised to see that she was holding a high-grade talisman seal.

However, Luo Ding really thought that they were given to Xie Jiling by the elders of the Xie family.

He didnt expect that these were all drawn by Xie Jiling herself.

Xie Jiling could draw high-level talismans.

However, there were different high-level talismans.

Any talisman that could generate 70% of the energy from the symbol would be considered a high-level talisman.

Xie Jiling was able to generate 80% of the energy from the symbol.

With her current skills, she was still unable to complete a Great Perfection Talisman.

In the entire Xie Family, only her grandfather was able to draw a Great Perfection Talisman.

Her father Xie Tongyun was able to draw a talisman that could generate 95% energy.

Her cousin Xie Jiwen was able to draw a talisman that could generate 90% energy.

It might seem as though everyone in the Xie Family could draw high-level talismans.

But there were only several people in this profession who could draw high-level talismans.

And 80% of those people belonged to the Xie Family.

The power of the Xie Family was clear.

However, if Luo Dingzhen was here, this would not be the only thing that surprised him.

He would also be surprised by Xie Jilings familiarity with the types of talismans.

Xie Jiling knew so many talisman symbols by heart and could draw it whenever she wanted.

She was like a mobile talisman symbol dictionary.

Very few people could achieve this.

The current knowledge of talisman symbols was incomplete.

Currently, the Xie Family was most likely the only place that had the most knowledge of talisman symbols.

Aside from the basic ones, each sect possessed different talisman symbols.

However, the total amount of talisman symbols that they had combined was not even close to the number of talisman symbols owned by the Xie Family.

It was unknown how many talisman symbols Xie Jiling had memorized.

And so, the classmates present were fascinated by what Xie Jiling had done.

They just didnt know how shocking it would be if another exorcist saw what Xie Jiling had done.

Xie Jiling handed the talisman to Song Lihua and said, “Take it.

The talisman will turn into ashes, but you dont have to worry.

It wont be hot.

You just have to hold onto it.

Even if it turns to ashes in your hand, you must not throw it away.”

“Alright.” Song Lihua pinched onto the talisman.

The moment Xie Jiling released her grip, the paper talisman started gradually turning into ashes like it was on fire.

It was just as what Xie Jiling had said.

However, the fire was invisible.

Song Lihua nervously squeezed the paper talisman.

She remembered what Xie Jiling said and did not let it go.

Thankfully, Xie Jiling had only told Song Lihua the worst-case scenario.

But actually, the paper talisman soon stopped burning.

Xie Jiling took the paper talisman back and the paper talisman had burned right to the number 4.

The exorcist was much weaker than Xie Jiling had expected.

“How dare you put a curse on someone when you are at this level” Xie Jiling commented with a sneer.

“So, are you able to break this curse” Song Lihua was really excited as she asked Xie Jiling.

She had heard what Xie Jiling said

Considering how the paper talisman reacted and the things that had happened until now, Song Lihua started to actually trust Xie Jiling.

“Its possible,” Xie Jiling said with great confidence.

Song Lihua finally let out a relieved smile.

This was her first time smiling in a relaxed mood since the tragedy started.

She was grinning and grinning and suddenly burst into tears.

“Great! I am finally saved.

I dont have to be tortured anymore.”

“Elder Sister, dont cry yet.” Zheng Binzhou said quickly, “Lets ask Jiling to break the curse for you so that you can sleep in peace.

When you get enough rest, we will find the person who tried to hurt you.”

“We have a lot of things to do.

Its not the time to cry yet.” Zheng Binzhou advised.

When Song Lihua heard this, she immediately wiped her tears dry and said, “Yes.

Youre right.”

She sniffled and said, “Jiling, I will be counting on you.”

“Alright.” Xie Jiling nodded.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Zheng Binzhou looked at Song Lihua puzzledly.

“Elder Sister, are you meeting someone today” Zheng Binzhou asked.

“No.” Song Lihua thought it was weird.

“How can I meet anyone when I look like this I can only see my own family now.”

“Maybe aunty came to see you.” Zheng Binzhou said.

The helper in the house had gone to open the door.

They then heard the helper greet at the door, “Sir.”

Zheng Binzhou was shocked.

“Brother-in-law is back”

He looked back and saw Song Lihuas husband leading a forty-year-old middle-aged man inside.

Song Lihuas husband has good features and was considered good looking.

However, compared to people that Xie Jiling knew, he was far from good-looking.

Just within the Xie Family, Xie Jiwen was considered unforgettably good-looking.

In addition, there were so many beautiful men at the Mount Lan Compound.

Xie Jiling even suspected that the Mount Lan Compound accepted people not only based on the assessment of their skills but also their appearance.

And so, Song Lihuas husband might think of himself as elegant and attractive, but his looks were nothing to Xie Jiling.

“Brother-in-law.” Zheng Binzhou greeted and started introducing his brother-in-law to his classmates.

“This is my brother-in-law, Zhou Liangsheng.”

Zhou Liangsheng was surprised to see so many people here today.

He saw that there were four female students.

They all looked quite beautiful.

They were beautiful in their own way.

However, this was not the time to evaluate appearances.

Zhou Liangsheng nodded to everyone and said, “Are you all here to see Lihua”


My elder sister is not doing well mentally, right So I came to visit.” Zheng Binzhou said, “I also brought along a master to check on my sister.”

“Eh” Zhou Liangsheng thought it was weird.

“Master Where is the master”

Everyone present was Zheng Binzhous classmates.

Zhou Liangsheng couldnt see any master.

“The master is my classmate.

She happens to be particularly proficient in this.” Zheng Binzhou explained with a smile.

Xie Jiling took the initiative and stepped forward.


I am.”

“Binzhou, I know you mean well.” Zhou Liangsheng started laughing as if he had just heard a joke.

“You are worried about your sister.

You heard that a classmate might have this interest and hobby, so you quickly brought her here.”

“You are so desperate that you are trying anything.” Zhou Liangsheng said, “But dont worry.

I have found an actual master.”

Zhou Liangsheng pointed at the middle-aged man beside him and said, “This is Master Lu Penghai.

I specially consulted another person and was introduced to meet Master Lu.

In addition, I told him about Lihuas situation and Master Lu said that he is able to solve this issue.”

“Classmate of Xie Jiling, thank you.

Sorry that you had to specially make a trip here.” Zhou Liangsheng said to Xie Jiling with a smile.

Xie Jiling didnt respond.

She glanced at Master Lu and looked down.

She stopped talking.

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