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Chapter 3446: They Better Have Real Skills

When they were near the exit, Han Zhuoling stopped and turned around to face Xie Jiling.

He said to her, “Since he is staying, please take care of him.”

“I am counting on you to take care of this little brother of mine.” Han Zhuoling made it sound as though he was entrusting Han Zhuofengs life to Xie Jiling.

Even if Shi Xiaoya felt worried about Han Zhuofeng, she still couldnt help but want to laugh.

Was Han Zhuoling intentionally taking advantage of Xie Jiling”

He was definitely bullying her for being young and not understanding what was going on.

Xie Jiling didnt understand what Han Zhuoling was trying to say.

When she heard what Han Zhuoling said, she naturally responded with a nod and agreed.

“Of course.”

“Protect yourself, too.” Shi Xiaoya instructed Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling grinned and said, “Dont worry.”

Everyone then left.

When Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng were just about to retrace their steps and find a place to hide so that the staff members wont find them when they are surveying the area.

They heard a staff member say, “Great Masters, please follow me.”

“Theres no need.

We can go inside by ourselves.” The voice sounded older.

“Its almost 5pm.

If you dont get out before the established time and you cant get out later on, we would have to protect you, and we would be distracted.”

“Since we are in Ghost Town, we will look around.

No matter what, we wont leave Ghost Town,” the person said.

The staff member thought about it and said, “If you see any visitors who are still inside, can you bring them to the exit”

“Sure.” The person nodded.

The staff member hurriedly expressed their thanks.

At this moment, Ghost Towns speaker started blaring.

It was a reminder to the tourists for them to leave as soon as possible.

They started seeing a huge crowd of tourists gathering at the exit in the distance.

While the huge crowd of tourists was gaining a lot of attention, Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng took this opportunity to move in the opposite direction and hide where there are fewer people.

The two didnt walk far because Xie Jiling wanted to know what was going on with the two masters Ghost Town had hired.

Based on their conversation, those two seemed to be great masters hired by the tourism department of Ghost Town.

After all, Ghost Town was like a time bomb that needed to be checked every day to delay the bombs explosion.

In addition, tourists were curious and adventurous.

There were bound to be people who wouldnt listen.

If so, not only would the tourists be in danger, even the staff members would be in danger as well.

What if some staff members didnt make it out of Ghost Town because they went looking for those tourists

However, they were still hoping to solve the ghost towns mystery.

So that people wouldnt have to be afraid of something dangerous happening.

Initially, the staff members wanted the two great masters to check the area during the day just in case something dangerous happen.

But the two great masters said that they could only observe things at night.

However, the staff members were not brave enough to enter Ghost Town at night.

The two great masters said that they wouldnt need someone to accompany them at night.

They would check this place by themselves.

They seemed really reliable.

But the officials of Ghost Town still felt worried.

What if an accident happened to those two

Still, the two insisted.

Eventually, the officials of Ghost Town compromised.

The staff member would bring them inside.

The staff member also told them about the two missing cases.

And the dangers caused by the thick fog at Ghost Town in the morning and at night.

They told the two everything they could.

Still, the two didnt change their minds.

As such, the staff member had no choice but to leave.

“Are those two really great masters” Han Zhuofeng whispered as he asked Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng had personally witnessed Xie Jilings skills.

And aside from Xie Jiling…

Han Zhuofeng still had reservations about those two great masters abilities.

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “I dont know.

I dont really interact with people in my field of work.

Sometimes, when I accept commissions, I would meet people in my line of work, but most of them are scammers.

There are some who arent scammers, but they arent that skilled.”

“Therefore, until now, I havent met anyone in my line of work who are truly capable,” Xie Jiling said, “There is a sect in the realm of exorcism, but I have only met one from that sect, and that person wasnt reliable at all.”

Xie Jiling was talking about Luo Dingzhen.

“I dont know those two people.

Lets just wait and see,” Xie Jiling said, “We dont have to walk with them.

If they see us, they will ask us to get out.

By then, we would have to waste our energy to explain.

Thats too troublesome.”

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “I dont know their background, so its best not to interact with them.”

Xie Jiling nodded.

That was exactly what she thought.

And so, they went in the opposite direction.

They didnt have a goal anyway.

They had to hide somewhere first.

“What if those two are scammers” Han Zhuofeng said, “These scammers are too bold.

Ghost Town already looks really dangerous.

Arent they scared that theres actually something in there They shouldnt risk their lives for money.”

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “Maybe they are actually capable…”

“In addition, if they were really scammers, its common for them to do dangerous things for money.

Didnt I tell you earlier I met scammers when I was exorcising.

Since I was there to exorcise, there are vengeful spirits.

However, those scammers knew nothing.

They were just normal human beings trying to fool people.”

“They had no idea that vengeful spirits actually exist.

They just dress up like exorcists and walk around pretending like they are an exorcist.

Actually, they didnt bump into vengeful spirits because they were lucky.

If they werent lucky, they would have died on the spot.”

“However, since they are liars, they have definitely lied more than once.

They must have lied so many times and tasted the sweetness of lying.

In addition, they were lucky that nothing happened to them while they were fooling the person who hired them.

The person who commissioned them might have just been paranoid, or the person might have found someone else to solve the issue and decided to let those scammers off the hook.”

“Anyway, they earned the money without risking anything,” Xie Jiling said, “It is really expensive to hire people in our line of work.

Of course, people who charge a really expensive price are actually capable, and they are worth the price.

But if they are lying and they still charged a really high price, they would end up thinking that it was easy to profit by lying.

If this happened too many times, they wouldnt bother worrying even if they heard that it was dangerous.”

“After all, they were lucky and didnt encounter any danger.

If they were in danger, they would have been killed by the vengeful spirit and could no longer fool someone else,” Xie Jiling said, “And so, even if they heard about the danger, they wouldnt care about it because of their previous experience.”

Han Zhuofeng shook his head.

He didnt know if the two that came in today were liars or capable people.

“They better have real skills.

Otherwise, you would have to protect them and be distracted,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling said, “Didnt I set up a simple spirit attracting formation this morning If a vengeful spirit exists, it would be drawn to that location.

As long as the others stay away from that place, there would be no danger.”

At this moment, the staff member started checking the area before closing.

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