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3461 Let Me Go And I Wont Kick You

Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng were the very last ones to leave.

They said goodnight to Han Zhuoling and the others before going back to their rooms.

When they both arrived in front of the room of Xie Jilings door, Xie Jiling said before Han Zhuofeng could say anything, “The vengeful spirits have all been eliminated.

This place is now very safe.

You should be able to get a good sleep now.”

“…” In Han Zhuofengs opinion, Xie Jiling was giving him zero chances.

“Yes.” Han Zhuofeng smiled and nodded.

“Get a good sleep.

When we leave with the production crew in the morning, you dont have to come with us.

Rest well.”

They were supposed to film at the Danxia Scenic Area today.

The filming at Ghost Town had ended.

Xie Jiling had already checked the Danxia Scenic Area and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with that place.

And so, Han Zhuofeng no longer felt scared.

He still wanted Xie Jiling to accompany him.

But there was no rush…

He decided to let Xie Jiling get a good rest first.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Goodnight.

You have to wake up early.

Rest well.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuofeng happily agreed.

They went back into their own rooms.

By the time they made it back, it was already dawn.

Still, Han Zhuofeng took a shower.

Ta Town was very sandy.

They had spent the whole day filming at Ghost Town, and they were busy for the entire night.

There was so much sand on his body.

He could feel the sand cracking under his teeth whenever he gnashed it.

When he came out of the shower, there was still some time until daytime.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it.

He then wrapped the blanket around his body and walked out of his room while hugging his pillow.

Xie Jiling had just finished showering.

Unlike Han Zhuofeng, who could only sleep for a few hours as he would have to wake up to leave for filming, Xie Jiling could spend her whole day catching up on sleep.

Therefore, she tidied herself up nicely before she went to bed.

If not, there would be sand in her hair and mouth as well as on her face.

It wouldnt be comfortable to sleep like that.

But then, she had just come out of the bathroom after drying her hair and was about to sleep when…

The doorbell rang again.

For some reason, Xie Jiling knew who it was.

She opened the door and saw that it was Han Zhuofeng!

He was dressed the same as last night.

“I have exorcised the vengeful spirit, and its already dawn.

Are you still scared” Xie Jiling felt helpless.

Han Zhuofeng quickly nodded and said, “Although all the vengeful spirits have been exorcised, the vengeful spirit we met in Ghost Town looked too horrifying.”

“When I close my eyes, the terrifying face of that vengeful spirit would appear in my mind.

Its too scary.” Han Zhuofeng said, “You should know that I am a director.

I have a very good imagination, and I am very good at picturing things in my mind.


Before he could finish his sentence, Xie Jiling grabbed him by the blanket and pulled him into the room.

She did it in such a way that made Han Zhuofeng seem like a village girl being kidnapped.

Xie Jiling just didnt want to listen to him nag anymore.

Han Zhuofengs elder brother Han Zhuoling was a very quiet person.

Despite them being biologically related, Han Zhuofeng was actually such a talkative person.

Xie Jiling suspected that Lin Liye had passed on all the talking skills to Han Zhuofeng when she was pregnant with the two brothers.

If not, what could be the cause of this imbalance

Han Zhuofeng had already spent a night here.

It shouldnt matter if he did it again.

Xie Jiling then said, “Same rules.

Sleep on the carpet.”


Alright.” Han Zhuofeng quickly nodded.

He folded the blanket up in a very familiar manner and crawled into the blanket.

Xie Jiling went onto the bed.

Now that Xie Jiling had experienced it, she wasnt scared of Han Zhuofeng at all.

She considered Han Zhuofeng someone on her team.

And so, the moment she lay on the bed, she fell asleep.

She fell asleep so quickly that it felt as though Han Zhuofeng didnt even exist in this room.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He rolled over, allowing his head to face the bed.

He scratched the mattress twice.

He was like a cat scratching its claws.

A few moments later.

Xie Jiling was sleeping, and she somehow felt the mattress shaking.

She was half-awake as she turned over and the moment she opened her eyes, she saw a close-up shot of Han Zhuofengs face.

Xie Jiling was startled and wanted to kick him off the bed.

“Dont kick me! Dont kick me!” The moment Xie Jiling lifted her feet, Han Zhuofeng stretched his hand out and grabbed her ankle.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Xie Jilings ankle was very small.

Han Zhuofeng could hold it with one hand.

He could wrap his middle finger and thumb around the ankle, and there would still be a gap.

The moment he held onto her ankle, Han Zhuofeng felt his heart palpitate.

Xie Jilings ankle was so small.

He secretly rubbed the sunken area on Xie Jilings ankle.

It was as if an electric current was generated in Xie Jilings ankle.

Xie Jiling jumped in surprise.

This sensation was so unfamiliar.

She had never felt this way before.

Her entire body felt weak.

Because of this strange feeling, Xie Jiling wanted to kick him even more.

Han Zhuofeng quickly said, “When I closed my eyes, all I could see was the vengeful spirit.

Its empty under the bed.

If I am facing under the bed, I am worried that there might be a face looking at me from under the bed.

“If I were to turn to have my back face the bed, I am worried that there might be a face looking at me from behind my back.” Han Zhuofeng said, “I will feel safe if I can look at you sleeping.”

Xie Jiling felt speechless.

“Dont kick me.” Han Zhuofeng said pitifully.

“Let me go first.” Xie Jiling gnashed her teeth and said, “Let me go, and I wont kick you.”

Han Zhuofeng then released his grip.

Xie Jiling had no choice but to move to the side a little more.

“You better behave!” Xie Jiling warned.

Han Zhuofeng nodded.

Xie Jiling looked and said, “Where is your blanket”

“Its on the floor.

It touched the carpet, and its dirty now.

I shouldnt put it on your bed.” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

Han Zhuofeng was quite particular with things.

Xie Jiling was exhausted.

She was too lazy to have any more conversations with Han Zhuofeng.

She yawned and slept.

But then, she saw that Han Zhuofeng had curled up, shrinking into something like a shrimp ball.


It was already autumn.

Not to mention that the temperature at Ta Town was much colder than B City.

The temperature difference between day and night was especially significant.

Ta Town was the coldest at this time.

Without a blanket, Han Zhuofeng had to be really cold.

Despite having curled up to fight against the cold, he was still trembling.

How could Xie Jiling just watch him sleep like this without doing anything

Her blanket… should be big enough.

Xie Jiling thought about it and secretly shared some of her blanket with him.

Then, she turned over and fell asleep.

As Han Zhuofeng felt his body warming up, he stretched his body out.

As he continued sleeping, he gradually started moving closer to the source of the warmth.

Soon, he moved into the blanket and slept next to Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling was sound asleep, so she had no idea what was happening.

Han Zhuofeng felt as though there was a body pillow next to him.

It felt comfortable hugging this body pillow.

The body pillow smelled good and felt soft.

He slept so well because of the body pillow.

His phone then started vibrating, making a buzzing sound.

Han Zhuofeng was startled and woke up.

He had set this alarm on his phone earlier, but he had changed it to vibration.

Because he was worried that he might wake Xie Jiling up.

He didnt have much sleep, and he was constantly thinking about waking up early.

And so, the moment his phone started vibrating, Han Zhuofeng woke up.

He stretched his hand out and turned off the alarm.

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