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3479 So Evil

Old Mrs.

Han put up a stern face and said, “Youre acting like Im an outsider.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

But wasnt… their relationship supposed to be that of outsiders


How can you be courteous with me” Grandma said disapprovingly, “Anyway, I cant allow you to go back with an empty stomach.”

Xie Jiling had no choice but to say yes.

Xie Jiling didnt need to help with the things in the kitchen.

She didnt know how to help anyway.

As such, Xie Jiling sat on the sofa and started answering Old Mrs.

Hans questions.

Old Mrs.

Han still didnt give up.

She wanted to know the identity of the person Xie Jiling liked.

Xie Jiling had no choice but to say, “Grandma, Im really unsure of how I feel.

Thats why its hard for me to tell you.

What if its just a misunderstanding”

“How are you unsure” Old Mrs.

Han didnt understand.

“If you like someone, you like someone.

If you dont like someone, then its a no.”

“But I dont understand if thats how you feel to like someone,” Xie Jiling said, ashamed, “I… I have never liked anyone before, so I dont know how that feels.”

“Im not sure, so I cant say it.

What if its just a misunderstanding” Xie Jiling said.

Old Mrs.

Hans heart skipped a beat.

Her first thought was that her grandson was doomed.

Old Mrs.

Han didnt think her age would hinder this conversation from continuing, so she immediately took on the role of a bestie and asked Xie Jiling, “Then why dont you think about the positive and negative things about him Maybe if you count them, you will figure out how you feel about that person.”

It would be even better if Xie Jiling could discover more and more of his flaws and would then stop liking him.

Old Mrs.

Han felt so evil at this moment.

Xie Jiling opened her mouth.

She felt a little embarrassed to discuss this question with Old Mrs.


It would have been fine if she were Lu Man or Shi Xiaoya.

However, Old Mrs.

Han was older than her.

It was a little weird to talk to an old lady about this.

Thankfully, the doorbell sounded at this moment.

It saved Xie Jiling from the dilemma.

Butler Wang opened the door.

Soon, she heard lively noises.

Old Mrs.

Han hastily stood up and went to the door.

Since Old Mrs.

Han had stood up, Xie Jiling naturally felt bad about sitting.

She followed behind Old Mrs.

Han and went to the door.

Then, she saw Han Zhuofeng step into the house.

She was talking with grandma about the person she might like, and Han Zhuofeng was the person on her mind.

And now, Han Zhuofeng himself appeared before her eyes!

Xie Jiling felt terrible.

She repeatedly blinked.

Whenever she was nervous, she would blink nonstop.

Then, Old Mrs.

Han saw Shi Xiaoya, Yan Zhiqing, and Wei Wucai behind.

Old Mrs.

Han was extremely happy.


Why are you guys back as well”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt answer that she had come back to watch the fun.

She gave another reason.

“I heard Zhuofeng was coming for dinner and I thought it was perfect for us to come back as well.

This way, Zhuoling wont have to drive so far to the filming site, and he wont have to be so tired tomorrow morning.

We can then go back with Zhuofeng later on.”

“Hes the director anyway.

Nothing will go wrong if we follow him.

As long as we are with the director, even if we were late, it wouldnt count,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

“Yes.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded and said, “You have been filming on set, and you havent been back for a long time.

Its rare for you all to come back.


Come inside, hurry up.”

“Jiling” Han Zhuofeng called out in surprise, pretending as though he didnt know Xie Jiling would be here.

His acting skills were decent.

Yan Zhiqing whispered to Shi Xiaoya, “If Zhuofengs movie really flopped, he can change his career and be an actor.”

He was handsome with decent acting skills.

He would be a very promising actor.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt help but laugh secretly.

She then said, “Pffft! Zhuofengs movie wont flop.”


Yes,” Yan Zhiqing quickly said, “It wont flop.

Dont take a childs words seriously.”

Yan Zhiqings shamelessness shocked Shi Xiaoya.

She said not to take a childs words seriously when she was so old.

Xie Jiling believed that Han Zhuofeng was surprised.

Looking at Han Zhuofengs innocent face, Xie Jiling started explaining, “Grandma requested for me to come to check the safety of this house.

After I checked it, Grandma said that it was already late, so she asked me to stay for dinner.”

“Gr… Grandma” Han Zhuofeng was stunned.

Did his grandma move this fast

Erm… It was good that she was calling Old Mrs.

Han like how he was calling her.

Han Zhuofeng was really happy about it that his face turned a little red.

Xie Jiling then explained, “Grandma said that Im everyones friend, so I should call her grandma as well.”

Of course, Grandma really said that Xie Jiling was Han Zhuofengs friend.

She never mentioned Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

However, no matter how simple-minded Xie Jiling was, she knew that mentioning only Han Zhuofeng would cause a misunderstanding.

And so, she said it differently.

“Oh…” Han Zhuofeng mumbled, feeling a little disappointed.

Everyone then went and sat down in the living room.

It hadnt even been a while since they sat down when the doorbell rang again…

Old Mrs.

Han muttered, “Why is it so lively today”

“It must be Man Man and Zhuoli,” Shi Xiaoya said, “Since we were all coming back, I told Man Man about it and asked if she was free to come by.”

Actually, Shi Xiaoya called Lu Man over to watch the fun.

If they didnt watch the fun together, how could they be besties

And so, when Shi Xiaoya was on the way here, she gave Lu Man a phone call.

And as expected, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli both came by.

Han Zhuoli was also pushing a stroller.

The stroller was specially designed for two kids.

The stroller had two beds placed next to each other.

It was perfect for the twins.

Han Zhuoli could push the twins by himself.

And now, the babies were able to sit.

They couldnt sit up well, and they couldnt sit for a long time.

However, the two babies had to have been lying down for a long time and thought that sitting up was something new and fun to do.

As such, they loved sitting up.

At this moment, the two babies were lying in their little stroller beds.

They tilted their heads to the side and cackled as they muttered nonsense.

They seemed to be talking to each other, but no one really understood what they were saying.

They were the only ones capable of understanding each other.

Han Zhuoli pushed the stroller inside.

Butler Xiao Wang quickly retrieved the crib that had been prepared for the two babies.

If they were in the crib, they would be more comfortable and would be able to have more fun.

When Old Mrs.

Han saw the two babies, she could no longer bother to do anything for Han Zhuofeng.

The two babies lay in the crib in a well-behaved manner.

Old Mrs.

Han then gave each of the babies a kiss on the tender and soft cheeks.

The two babies were really happy and kept grinning at Old Mrs.


Han Linxun stretched her tiny hands out and held onto Old Mrs.

Hans index finger.

She held onto it tightly and refused to let go.

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