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Next time, she would definitely buy him the biggest size!

Then Han Zhuoli went to open the door.


“Xiao Han, youre awake!” Xia Qingwei said, smiling.

Han Zhuoli went forward and took the grocery bags from Xia Qingwei, only to hear her say, “Man Man still isnt back yet”

Lu Man heard it too.

At this moment, she really wished that she still wasnt back yet.

“Shes already back.

She just got back,” Han Zhuoli said, his expression not changing a bit.

Lu Man finally walked out of the bedroom.

“Mom, Im back.”

Xia Qingwei looked at Lu Man, then at Han Zhuoli and smiled.

“I didnt interrupt anything, did I”

Lu Man: “…”

“That will depend on what you mean by anything .” Han Zhuoli smiled and placed the grocery bags down.

Lu Man: “…”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

“Mom, you just got back, you should take a rest.

Ill cook.” Lu Man knew that Han Zhuoli definitely wanted to eat the dishes she cooked.

Xia Qingwei had a certain level of understanding about Han Zhuoli now too, so she didnt disagree either.

Considering that Han Zhuoli still hasnt had breakfast and had just woken up, Lu Man prepared something lighter for lunch and specially prepared porridge for him.

While they were eating, she didnt expect that Xu Fengai to call her.

“Lu Man, Bai Shuangshuang has surprisingly started ranting on the internet,” Xu Fenglai hurriedly said before Lu Man could even say anything.

Lu Man: “…”

Why did it sound like they were at war or something

“Dont be so anxious, let me take a look.

She really couldnt hold it down and started shouting and ranting earlier, so once the movie is officially realized for the public, the box office might really be quite a hit too.” Lu Man was not anxious at all, she had already considered this.

Seeing that she was so calm and composed, Xu Fenglai also started gaining some reassurance too.

“Haha, I was afraid that you didnt see it, so Im telling you about it.

After hearing what you said, I can rest assured too.

Ill quickly tell Director Sun about this good piece of news.”

After hanging up, Xu Fenglai couldnt help but sigh.

With Lu Man around, it really helped to relieve any worries!

If this was the past, whenever a movie is about to be released, he would be exceptionally nervous.

He would be afraid that any artiste who took part in the movie would cause any hoo-ha, or have any scandal and implicate the entire film.

Something like this happened frequently and wasnt uncommon.

Even Sun Yiwu himself had something like this happen to him before.

With no other choice, he just had to delete that artistes role and reshoot additional scenes, but this still had a very big impact on the movies box office sales.

Back then, he was even considered lucky as the artiste wasnt the main character.

If it was the main character, then he could only leave it to fate regarding that movies outcome.

Also, sometimes, there would be a lot of competition from other films released at the same time.

This made the movies that were originally forecasted to have a good result to be shoved aside and overlooked.

The results clearly could have been better, but instead, it would only get worse and worse.

What was worse was that sometimes, they might even be bashed by other movies released at the same time, just for the sake of dominating the box office.

Anyway, there are honestly way too many troublesome things that can happen during a movies release.

Just the slightest thing could make their team burst into a panic.

During this crucial time, Director Sun felt the most stress.

Only exceptional was this year!

Because Lu Man was around, Director Sun felt exceptionally assured and relieved of the stress.

It was as if no matter what happened, Lu Man could solve it with just a click of her finger.

He wasnt the least bit afraid of competing with others in the industry or getting shoved around by them!

Even if Bai Shuangshuang has already started ranting off on Weibo, their first reaction was to tell Lu Man about it and not worry anymore.

The one who should be worried was Bai Shuangshuang instead!

Even Xu Fenglai was a little worried for Bai Shuangshuang!

Lu Man hung up the phone and wasnt anxious either.

Together with Xia Qingwei and Han Zhuoli, she ate and chatted with them.

After her lunch, she finally opened her Weibo to take a look.

Bai Shuangshuang complained devastatingly, “I dont understand what Ive done wrong.

All my scenes from Greedy Wolf Operation were deleted, not even one shot was retained.

Perhaps my acting isnt so outstanding, but I can swear across my heart and guarantee that for this film, Ive put in all my effort.”


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