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All these benefits definitely have to be hers!

“Mom, he didnt care about you crying and making a fuss.

But if you dont even want your life, would Dad still not care

Xia Qingyangs mind ticked and her face paled instantly, beads of cold sweat forming on her forehead.

Looking at Lu Qis cold expression, she asked dryly, incredulously, “Dont even want my life… You even want me to commit suicide”

Lu Qi sighed.

“Im not asking you to commit suicide in real, what were you thinking Youre my mother, why will I ever harm or hurt you”

Xia Qingyang sighed in relief, and heard Lu Qi say, “You just need to put on a show, thats all!”

Therefore, Lu Qiyuan received a phone call regarding her Xia Qingyangs suicidal attempt from the maid.

Although he clearly knew that Xia Qingyang wouldnt make a joke about her own life, Lu Qiyuan still had to return home.

“Wheres Madam” Entering the house, Lu Qiyuan asked, his voice low and dark.

“Madam is lying in the bedroom.” Auntie Chen took Lu Qiyuans coat from him.

Lu Qiyuans face darkened even more when he went to the bedroom only to see Lu Qi staying by Xia Qingyangs bed.

Xia Qingyangs face was surprisingly really pale and devoid of any color.

Her wrist was even covered in bandages.

Lu Qiyuans eyebrows jumped in surprise.

Did Xia Qingyang really try to end her life

Lu Qiyuan had never expected Xia Qingyang to really do something so extreme because of him.

Suddenly, an indescribable strange feeling rose in his chest, yet at the same time, he felt a little smug.

Xia Qingyang really treated him like he was her whole world.

Seeing Lu Qiyuan return, Xia Qingyang hurriedly tried to sit up but was stopped by Lu Qi.

“Mom, please lie down and try not to move about.”

Lu Qiyuan sighed and walked over to sit on the side of the bed.

“Qi Qi is right, stop moving about.

Why… why were you so foolish!”

Xia Qingyangs broke into tears, her tears streaming endlessly down her face.

“Isnt it because Im scared that you dont want me anymore”

Xia Qingyangs hand trembled as she grabbed onto Lu Qiyuans hand as if she was holding onto her own life.

“Qiyuan, I only have you, please dont ever abandon me.”

Her words struck a chord with Lu Qiyuan and he sighed.

“Why wouldnt I want you I didnt go to find Xia Qingwei at all.

Its just that my mood wasnt that great, so I wanted to just go out and take a stroll, relax a little.

Dont overthink it.”

“Mm.” Xia Qingyang nodded pitifully.

“Its all my fault.

I foolishly suspected you without any reason.

Qiyuan, can you forgive me”

“Yes.” Lu Qiyuan patted Xia Qingweis shoulder lightly, thinking that she only did this because she cared for him, he couldnt stay angry anymore.

“You too, why did you mention Xia Qingwei for no reason Ive been married to you for so many years, yet why do you still care about what she does.

Its just I was already troubled by matters at work and you kept dragging the conversation to Xia Qingwei, I just couldnt stand it anymore and so I wanted to go out.”

“Would… wouldnt it be good if you could just explain it to me You can tell me about whats troubling you at work too.

Even if I might not know anything, and cant help you much, it will be good for you to just have a listening ear.” Xia Qingyang showed her meek demeanor.

“Qiyuan, I wont keep mentioning Xia Qingwei anymore, I know I was wrong.

In the future, if anything is troubling you, just tell me, dont bottle it up, it just makes my heart ache.”

“Alright.” Lu Qiyuan finally smiled.

This is what Xia Qingyang should be!

As expected, it was because Xia Qingyang cared too much about him that she overstepped her boundaries.

“Mom, Dad just got back.

Because he was worried about you, he didnt bother changing out of his clothes.

Let Dad change first,” Lu Qi thoughtfully mentioned, standing at the side.

Xia Qingyang hurriedly let go of Lu Qiyuans arm.

As if he was everything to her, she said, “Lu Qiyuan, dont worry about me.”

“Im already back, how could I not care about you” Lu Qiyuan said.

“Dad, Mom, just now you didnt even eat much for dinner.

Ill get Auntie Chen to prepare something.”

After Lu Qiyuan nodded to her, Lu Qi left the bedroom, leaving Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang behind.


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