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Seeing Lu Man coming out after a bath, she looked fresh and enticing.

Right now, he really wanted to pull her into his embrace and devour her up.

“Come over quickly,” Han Zhuoli patted the place next to him, excited.

Lu Man: “…”

Didnt he say that he was just going to hug her to sleep tonight and would not try anything funny Why did she foolishly believe him

Anyway, he was already lying there ready for her, and this morning, they had already been very intimate.

Although she was extremely embarrassed right now, she was not so delicate that she would refuse to indulge his desires no matter what.

Lu Man anxiously pulled on the hem of her pajamas and realized that although she just bathed just now, her palm was already sticky with sweat due to anxiety.

With her face flushed red, she forced herself to walk over and get on the bed.

She had yet to lie down when she was pulled by Han Zhuoli into his embrace.

“I really wont do anything.”

Seeing that Han Zhouli was only hugging her and not trying to do anything funny, Lu could not help but smile and found a comfortable position to sleep.

But who knew, not long after she closed her eyes, the man who said that he wont try anything funny and just hug her to sleep had his slowing reached into her shirt.

Lu Man: “…”

Didnt he say that he was not going to do anything

“I just want to touch,” Han Zhuolis voice was hoarse, obviously being agitated.

Lu Man grabbed onto Han Zhuolis shirt, so nervous that her eyelashes kept fluttering.

Within a second, he had stripped her.

“Isnt it just touching” Lu Mans face had turned crimson as Han Zhuoli kissing her all over.

“Just kissing,” Han Zhuoli mumbled.

Lu Man: “…”

She really believed his lies!

After a while, Lu Man really could not stand it and curled inwards.

“Didnt you say youre just kissing”

“Im just rubbing,” Han Zhuoli said, the sweat on his forehead almost dripping down.

He also had it very tough now, he had already done everything, but he could not do the last step, he was practically digging a hole for him to jump in.

Lu Man: “…”

Haha, mens greatest lie was Im just rubbing, I wont go in!

But in the end, Han Zhuoli really did not do the last step, and instead grabbed Lu Mans hand and placed it onto his hardness.

“Man Man…” Han Zhuolis words had another meaning, and Lu Man could understand it instantly.

Yet he was calling so pitifully.

Even though he was a mature man who was quite older than her, at this moment, he was calling like a younger boy asking for forbidden fruit.

Lu Man hid her head in the crook of his neck and let him guide her hand.

Blood had rushed to her face and so hot but her palm was even hotter than her face as if on fire.

In the end, Lu Man felt that her hand was going to be paralyzed.

Honestly, Lu Mans hand had lost its strength and she could not continue anymore, thus she kept saying that it was sore.

Feeling helpless, Han Zhuoli let go of her right hand, but before Lu Man let out a breath of relief, he grabbed her left hand.

Furious, Lu Man hit his leg with hers.

Originally she was still sore down, but now even her hands were extremely sore.

Now, she did not even want him to stay tomorrow.

Finally relieved, Han Zhuoli had felt ecstatic and was now helping Lu Man clean up.

He had gone to the bathroom and had gotten a water jug, a cloth, and soap, and was now washing Lu Mans hand for her.

Lu Man saw that her palm seemed to be red, and even now, it was searing in pain.

After Han Zhuoli was done cleaning and returned from the bathroom, Lu Man was so angry that she scolded him.

“You didnt stick to your word!”

But Han Zhuoli had also not lied on purpose.

“At the beginning, I was really only planning on hugging you to sleep, but… but I really could not hold myself back.”

He was also helpless, he had just had his first taste of meat 1 , right

After knowing how tasty it was, how could it hold himself back


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